DEA Watch 03 Jun 2022
Inflation Is Not Affecting Illegal Drug Prices On The Street
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TOPIC: Everything moving by truck is going up in price. Which means that illegal drug prices are not increasing because 90% of illegal drugs move by human power. Also, drug cartels are neither greedy like commercial companies and corporations, nor are they stupid like rich people who think societal breakdowns caused by their gouging and greed will not affect them. Rich people fail to remember that the French and other revolutions didn't happen because of a yearn for democracy, those revolutions were citizen wars against greed.

The greediest in our culture is Big Oil. But virtually every rich American politician and a large number of small, non-energy companies buy stock in Big Oil to reap wealth from high gas prices.

The President of the United States appears paralyzed when it comes to arresting Big Oil greed to bring down prices on everything that is transported by gas-driven trucks. Very recently, there has been talk that President Biden should crawl on his hands and knees to Saudi Arabia to kiss the ring of that country's leader who sees himself, because of the West's dependence on his oil that is drilled by American oil companies, as the defacto leader of the world.

This Saudi leader is a depraved, psychopathic killer who would send assassins around the world to kill anyone who rejects him. Despite his survival being dependent on US military assistance, Biden seems intellectually incapable of finding a way to remove this monster or modify his behaviour, partly because his chief operating arm, CIA, appears more committed to US oil companies than to American national security.


QUESTION 1/3: If the President of the United States was to resort to groveling to hostile oil countries for more and cheaper oil, which country should he grovel to?

Saudi Arabia

QUESTION 2/3: Should the President of the United States appoint a new Director of CIA who can quickly develop successful strategies to obtain oil from countries that have been hostile to the US?


QUESTION 3/3: Should the President of the United States conduct a complete overhaul of CIA, even if it means firing every senior executive of that agency, in order to make CIA far more useful than it has been in over a quarter Century?


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