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Special Agent Report: Just the facts

07 Apr 2019, 11:42 PST, 2nd Edition

Sunday Morning Think Piece: "The need to educate against dangerous drug use... ":

    Because our country elected three illegal drug users in a row to the White House, followed by a DEA hater who now resides in the WH, all of the WH Directors of Natl Drug Control Policy, save for Genl Barry McCaffrey under Clinton, were specifically appointed to do nothing... Totally nothing that would be effective in educating America's children to avoid using illegal drugs. In fact, the greatest expenditure of ONDCP advertising dollars have been wasted on targeting recreational-drug using adults who laugh at ONDCP advertisements. Trump and his wife have agreed with this wasteful money and time spent by ONDCP. Neither have addressed America's drug crises except on border matters, and only then because they include illegal drug entry as being a component of illegal human entry.

    As for anti-drug use organizations such as D.A.R.E., they too are a total waste and completely ineffective. D.A.R.E. was great while Daryl Gates, its founder, was alive. But D.A.R.E. began going bad shortly after Gates' death when D.A.R.E. execs went through an internal budget crises after city police departments, faced with blistering criticism from both D.A.R.E. wannabe organizations and pro-marijuana legalization student groups began succeeding in pushing to have D.A.R.E. removed from thousands of public school classrooms. The resulting funding loss motivated self-interested D.A.R.E. executives to make two fatal decisions... 1) fire D.A.R.E.'s best thinkers to transfer their salaries to D.A.R.E. executives surviving their own purge, and 2) downgrade or eliminate anti-marijuana education from D.A.R.E. curricula. Other D.A.R.E. subsidiaries also died on the vine.

    While being the planet's largest illegal drug consuming nation, the United States today has no, zero, nada national anti-drug education organizations or programs. And virtually all of the locally run anti-drug operations in schools today all either ignore or suppress anti-marijuana use warnings, despite the well-known fact that marijuana is a gateway narcotic to harsher and addictive illegal drug use.

    The above is the problem. Below is a solution...

    Although most parents and almost all professional child educators agree that paying a child to perform a desired behaviour is not the best way to raise a properly functioning child in the face of immense social pressures coming from virtually every sector of our society to use illegal drugs -- and particularly marijuana because the tax revenues being collected by government districts that have legalized marijuana use are increasingly moving toward encouraging marijuana use in order to increase marijuana tax income. A new and powerful tool is needed to discourage illegal drug use... and that tool may be to pay children not to use dangerous or gateway drugs.

    Of course, it would be utterly foolish to hand out currency at schoolhouse doors to children who test negative for illegal drug use... because that money would be out of the child's hand in a matter of moments, either by its parents or merchants taking it away. However, if currency were to be placed in an account from which no deductions can be made, while at the same time the money will accrue for future benefit of the child, the incentive to obtain payment for refusing illegal drug use could be powerful enough to prevent illegal drug use.

    And, it only follows that only one lifetime benefit for accruing future benefit use exists in our country today... that benefit is the Social Security Administration.

    Beginning with their first day of school for every US citizen, being naturalized or birthright-eligible to obtain an SSN, every American citizen, public school student can be paid for each day the student attends school. That payment should be in the form of .01 percent of the minimum hourly wage set by the district in which the student attends school. For example, if the minimum wage is set at $10.00 per hour, each periodically or randomly drug-tested American citizen student, beginning on their first day in public school, will receive 10 cents per day that will go directly into their Social Security account to be delivered to them during their retirement.

    A greater incentive can be manifested if each district -- city, county and state -- in which the child attends school each delivers a .01 percent payment into a child's SSN account that will either double or triple the amount a child would receive than if only one of their government districts made payment.

    Obviously, children would not receive daily money for days they did not attend (public) school on school days, nor would they receive money should they test positive for illegal drug use.

    The incentive to build up their Social Security benefit for retirement use could be a powerful incentive for children as they proceed through their school years to not use illegal drugs... and for parent's who are truly concerned about their child's future to keep illegal drugs away from their child... not to mention, encourage their child to attend (public) school every possible day. (Of course, with the child in school learning, it is then up to the school and parent to ensure the child is receiving the best and most stimulating education... which should include avoiding reckless and dangerous behaviour... such as using illegal drugs.)

    As for anti-drug education or drug testing in schools... funding for those can come from voluntary donations from private businesses that have a major stake in the future employment of the most viable American citizen worker... or part of the tax money collected by districts that legalize adults to use marijuana can be directed toward providing anti-drug education or drug testing American citizen (public) school children who are eligible to accrue Social Security.

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