DEA Watch Think Piece: God is a Hard Act to Follow


Special Report: Just the facts

29 Mar 2003, 20:37 PST, 6th Edition

Saturday Evening Think Piece:
"God is a Hard Act to Follow"

      Iraq has a long history of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      Dating back to humankind's earliest memories... millennia before written history... weapons of mass destruction have always been part of Iraq's existence. Surely to Adam and Eve who resided in Zip Code 0, then known as the Garden of Eden, the angry Angel ferociously posted at the Garden's Gate by God and brandishing his fiery sword prohibiting their reentry was interpreted by the forlorn couple as a weapon of serious mass destruction. Adam and Eve never attempted to reenter The Garden... they were well aware that a simple touch, let alone a cut, of the Angel's sword was too terrible a consequence to chance.

      Mark the above episode, 'WMD One'...

      Many generations after The Garden Incident... another WMD hit the ancient land now known as Iraq. Surely Noah must have viewed the rising waters that destroyed all life on P.Earth, save him and his own, as a serious WMD of immeasurable degree. The price the men of Noah's day paid for allowing their women to mate with naughty Angels cost our gene pool dearly. God pee'd down on Noah's neighbors... and us... very severely. Chalk up The Flood episode as 'Scary WMD Two.'

      Then there was that Tower of Babel episode... God's wrath in that ancient Iraq incident fractured the human race into thousands of fragments and cascaded our remote ancestors across the face of the globe... varying languages and races were created in the process. And in all those eons we have still yet to come back together speaking a common language and sharing common virtues like live and let live.

      Mark the Tower of Babel Case as 'WMD Three'.

      There were a few more less severe episodes I will pass through... let's fast forward to Iraq's newest WMD threat... The United States of America...

      Today the greatest destructive military power the world has ever known, though clumsily, descends upon a land that has experienced the most devastating WMD's humanity has survived through God's Anger and Grace. And since God has spared the lands of Iraq, which has had many names since He established The Garden in Iraq's 'hood, we can probably expect that the U.S. military, however high it is rated on the Earthly Munitions and Destruction Scale, can not and will not exceed the devastation God himself wrought directly on that same Zip Code many times over. After all... God is a hard act to follow...

      WMD Four: God dialed 911 for The Flood because he wanted Justice, Reason and the biological purity of human existence to survive untainted. The disappointing result of his Son's of Light who turned Dark in the pursuit of p***y rather than worshipping their Father brought about The Great Flood and the creation of Hell. (I hope that all of you reading this are well up on your Bible facts.)

      Many natives in and not far removed from Iraq would certainly tell us that the forces of Evil and Hell are behind the current effort to WMD Iraq yet again. According to the polls we are getting via the Stars and Stripes Americans would vehemently disagree... most Americans don't accept the notion that our reason for invading the land where The Garden and other Grand Architectural Structures existed are evil or hellacious. Most Americans just like having a friendly war every few years or so to briefly distract us from our sitcoms and wacky relatives. We don't mean any serious harm for the people of Iraq. All we want is to allow our little boys to have a chance to play real-life soldier and come home freaked out and more dependent on their wives and/or mothers after having participated in the killing of less developed natives. Okay, so we didn't take into account that this time we stepped over the line by intruding on God's ancient turf. Excuse us!

      It is not surprising that we started this war for the purpose of ridding Iraq of WMD's... none of which we have discovered. And it is not surprising that all our talk about freeing the Iraqi people from bondage is met with a loud, "F**k You, America!" from the entire unbribed world. After all, we're the country who enslaved more people than all of the Egyptian pharaohs... combined. And we remain the only nation on Earth who has killed more civilians using a Weapon of Mass Destruction in a single incident. (Some theologians believe that the number of people killed in our destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki may have exceeded the number of people and half-people/half-Angels who existed on Earth at the time of The Flood.)

      Our Army radiation-detection teams who have been in Iraq since we crossed the Kuwait border last week have reported officially that they have not detected a single errant ion. Which means that Saddam was telling the truth about not possessing any nuclear weapons. Uh-oh... we could be in some serious trouble with God for violating his ancient space.

      Several days ago while witnessing an Act of God the natives on this isolated desert believe periodically comes to remind them that God continues to rule over his ancient domain, the bleaching sandstorms that covered Iraq, the land of many ancient and forgotten names, briefly shut down our advance toward Baghdad. The locals believe sandstorms embody a Divine message reminding us of God's awesome power whenever we take the Free Will God has granted us too far. Sandstorms such as the breadth and duration we sampled recently only occur on momentous occasions... which may explain why our military weathermeisters failed to predict it... but to the natives of this region the level of sandstorms recently abated should be taken as an Omen. To our generals it was merely an annoying nuisance.

      This land, Iraq, has seen awesome events the American mind has yet to experience. As Americans our learning of past history comes through the reading of books or spoken word. But the natives of this ancient countryside actually possess human history in their cognitive DNA, passed down by way of life for eons. As Americans we daily worry about what we choose to wear or eat or who to f**k. The people here worry about what God chooses for them this day and the next day.

      This day, and perhaps tomorrow, the people here in Iraq say God has sent them Americans. And although we Americans state our purpose for being in Iraq is regime change and/or elimination of weapons of mass destruction... the real, hidden purpose -- to the desert people of Iraq whose ancestors have seen regime changers come and go -- goes much deeper.

      An aged Iraqi couple I spoke to on the desert several days ago reminded me of passages in my Bible that speak of men -- or beings -- who have lived upon our world since God's Creation. They believe that God experimented with many types of creations before finally settling on Man as his finest creation, and to whom he granted his greatest gift, a soul. Some of God's previous creations, the couple believe, were permitted to remain as witnesses to all of the events since Creation. According to my interviewees, some of these beings have taken human form. And needless to say, most Americans would assign these ideas more to the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits than to reality.

      But our own Bible, in which passages were specifically pointed out to me by my hosts, record names and dates of men granted immortality, Angels which descend, ascend or permanently reside, and wisened mortals to learn the secrets of existence which they keep hidden within themselves. And all of these creatures and events are rooted in Iraq where The Garden of Eden and so many other magnificent events in saved history were born.

      Saddam Hussein, my hosts believe, is insignificant. To them, Saddam is a man, a mortal, a ruler who has come before and will come again. Saddam's existence, they believe, is merely to serve as many dictators before him: to preserve the boundaries of Eden and Babel and Ararat. The tyranny and deaths Saddam the Current delivers are merely passing moments contributed by those who choose to avail themselves to a current ruler's whims. No one is forced to reside in Baghdad, I am told. Those who choose to live there accept the risks of their exposure to their king slash dictator... who at this moment happens to be Saddam. But those who attempt to divide the ancient lands, or subvert them, will be punished by laws more ancient than the current dictator. (This puts us Americans in hot water.)

      I was told that all the great powers that have came and gone in human history have all invaded Iraq for reasons necessary or desirable by their culture or homeland at the moment. America's reason for invading Iraq, my tutors believe, is the by-product of fermented lifeforms God briefly experimented with. The remnants of both animal and plant life now providing our day with oil no longer exist. Even the lizard and fern our anthropologists erroneously classify as vestigial do not compare in any way with the enormous creations destroyed by God long, long before He felt is necessary to remove the children of his Angels with a Flood. My hosts informed me that the fuel that burns the flame that energizes human activity, thought, imagination and creativity beyond the setting sun is merely God's offering intended for that very purpose. Without the flame, my hosts believe, the day, activity, discovery, imagination and thought would not exist past darkness and the limited light provided only sparsely and regionally by the moon and stars.

      I am told the real reason God has brought our country back to this land of ancient history is to reestablish in all of us, as individuals, an ancient covenant we must acknowledge whether or not we choose to accept its reality. "There is Right and there is Wrong. There is Acceptance and there is Rejection", I am told by my hosts. "Had Adam and Eve just said 'No' to the Angel in Disgrace our world would have long since been multiplied on the planets we only dream about terraforming and colonizing. Colonization of Iraq is not a victory," some aged inhabitants of this country believe, "colonization is a rite of passage for some and a wisening for others." Perhaps some who are wisened by this war for oil will realize that war for fuel to illuminate our lamps may yet require us to seek out and discover non-competitive sources of energy... let's hope.

      As of this date I am happy to record that your reporter is one happy Green Beret who has not found it necessary to take a life in this war. There is no war where I sit tonight. The sky is bright and clear. A million stars are unhidden by street lights and billboard illumination. No soldier of Saddam or George has yet disturbed these graceful people hosting me and tolerating my explanation of protection. Still, I feel enormous joy that the presence of our team has prevented any desecration of this people's tranquillity. Living with these eternal people in their animal-skin tents on this desolate desert to protect them from harm, and looking nightly into an ancient sky evolve as they envision their ancestors of unrecorded history watched it pass from generation to generation, it is easy to understand their wisdom and the peace in which they dismiss our government's hostility toward their current government.

      I think that when my time is up in this man's Army I will not re-enlist. I think I may come back to Iraq to live for a while among these desert people whose ancestors have witnessed the passage of time and evolution. The elder here says my being here was ordained in this time of war. He says that when another time of war comes another soldier from another nation will come to sit where I sit and protect his people from harm, just as other soldiers have sat in my spot many times before me. I suppose there is something Biblical in Iraq's wondrous and magnificent history. God is a hard act to follow... and it now seems very silly to me since no conqueror has succeeded to date, that our president or any other nation would try.

      Friday Evening Think Piece: "God is a Hard Act to Follow, Part II"

      Prior to the war and during the war I submitted several "wires" to DEA Watch for publication that prophesied the exact situations we face today in Iraq. I predicted we would never win control of Iraq. I predicted assassinations, an ongoing resistance movement evolving in various stages, the introduction of narcotics and crime syndicates, and our continual defeat and frustration on all fronts to control that country.

      In my original "Think Piece" titled "God is a Hard Act to Follow" on 28 March I correctly predicted that our country would not be able to deal with the many complex cultures in Iraq that date back to the beginning of Man on Earth. I cited various instances in human history directly linking Iraq with God, and God's many uses of "WMD" in Iraq to demonstrate His power and determination to keep Iraq as he intended it to be. I made it clear in my writing that any nation that has, is, or will attempt to take control of Man's Birthplace will meet with terrible justice.

      Iraq has always been led by immensely powerful leaders. As I stated in my aforementioned Think Piece, the historic leaders of Iraq leading up to Saddam Hussein were permitted by God to protect Iraq with an iron hand because that land was so important to Mankind's birth, destiny and maintenance of all of the generations of Man since the Garden of Eden was established in Iraq... and that all of the generations of Man MUST exist simultaneously in Iraq. In no other country on our world are the many lifestyles of Man since our Beginning represented as exists in Iraq, our Birthplace. The land of Iraq is living record of Mankind.

      Nothing has gone right with the Bush Family's corrupt and murderous effort to destroy the history of Man in Iraq and convert that land into a monocultural oil refinery dominated by the Bush Family and its fellow corporate thieves. Many lives have been lost. Many, many more will die as long as our country remains in Iraq. What we have seen to date does not compare to the death and destruction we have yet to see. In the end, Saddam, or a man like Saddam, will again take charge of Iraq as rulers have since time began.

      Our invasion was wrong. Our occupation is wrong. The lies being told by George Bush to the American people are wrong. The lies and distortion began under the father, George Bush, in 1980. That George Bush and his superior, Ronald Reagan, diverted millions of dollars and tons of weaponry to Saddam Hussein for the purpose of containing Iran. Thousands upon thousands died in the war between Iraq and Iran. That war was started and financed by Reagan and Bush in retribution for Iran's nationalizing its oil wealth but publicly stated for taking over our Embassy and humiliating us for 444 days.

      After Iraq succeeded in containing Iran within its borders America abandoned the region. But because Iraq was weakened by its enormous cost in flesh and blood after preventing Iran's radical religious revolution from spreading to neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qater, the Emirates and others, these same countries attempted to chew away pieces of Iraq's enormous oil wealth.

      Forced to protect its sovereign territory and oil, Iraq engaged in a series of bloody skirmishes with its neighbors, the most pestilent being Kuwait which had strong ties with Bush Family oil interests. The continued thievery of Iraqi oil by cross-drilling under the border by Kuwait culminated in Iraq's invasion of its former territory wrestled away by U.S. oil company interests using influential employees in the UN. Because if Iraq's military weakness after our first Gulf War, and the expensive financing by our country to foment a civil war initiated by the Kurds to conquer and control the rich, northern oil fields, Saddam Hussein had no alternative but to use special weapons to keep Iraq intact. Although we decided that it was okay for our country to use special weapons against Japan in WW2 due to our military weakness for mounting a conventional invasion, in 1981 we determined that Saddam was acting criminally when doing the same thing we did to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

      As a result of Saddam's successful defense and thwarting the (George) Bush and (Margaret) Thatcher family's attempt to grab the northern oil fields the US manipulated the United Nations into issuing several decrees that deprived Iraq of its ability to trade for its essential needs produced in other countries. Because of these decrees, or Resolutions, Iraq was prevented from maintaining its infrastructure and providing for its people. These facts are never mentioned by the current Bush president who repeatedly claims Iraq's current condition is the result of Saddam's greed... yet, Bush never mentions how Iraq prospered prior to its assistance to the United States by feuding with Iran after our "hostage crises". Bush will never admit the truth that it was American demand and sponsorship of UN sanctions that placed Iraq in its current condition.

      Our country provoked the invasion of Kuwait. We financed and encouraged the Kurdish rebellion. Because we decimated Iraq's conventional military apparatus during the first Gulf War we created the conditions that led to Saddam's use of special weapons against the Kurdish rebellion. Had Saddam the use of his helicopters and mobile response force he would have choppered troops and not chemicals into the Kurdish strongholds. For once, let's be honest with ourselves... would not Lincoln have used a special weapon to put down the Southern rebellion if doing so would have saved the hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars our Civil War cost? The answer is yes. We know this because a later president used special weapons to prevent the estimated 1 million troops and 450,000 U.S. fatalities in a two-week period an invasion of Japan would have cost us.

      We maintained a destructive twelve-year economic and trade embargo against Iraq, while at the same time provided our military student pilots with live targets destroying any commercial or military vehicle in motion under the heading of Operations Northern and Southern Watch.

      The hostage crises in Iran began our country's continual assault upon Iraq. First to use Iraq as an ally against Iran, then to persecute Iraq for representing a strong military power that our ally, Israel, resented because Iraq, alone, possessed the strongest voice against Zionist Jewish desire to decimate Palestine and eradicate the territories legally granted to the Palestinian people in 1947.

      America lost the war in Iraq the day we began the war. As long as American soldiers remain in Iraq they will die. The life of every native and foreign supporter of our country in Iraq will remain in peril as long as we are there. Our country will never see the day when the quantities of oil our president and vice president hoped would be shipped to their refineries here in the United States will arrive.

      God has laid waste to Iraq every time a usurper has attempted to control that land and change the landscape, social and physical. Our designation "Operation Iraqi Freedom" will soon be the banner slogan of the Iraqi Freedom Fighters who will demonstrate they will achieve freedom from American occupation and influence. Would our Freedom Fighters do any less if we were invaded by Iraq?

      Should our country remain in Iraq the war will spread. Iraq's closest neighbors who supported our invasion will be targeted. Destruction will spread across the region like a fast growing cancer. In the end, the only goal achieved by our president and vice president will be the opening up of oil drilling in the previously prohibited areas of our country. This will happen only because we will have lost vast quantities of oil from the Middle East.

      As Winston Churchill once said of our landing at Normandy in 1944, "This is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning," Our country, like every invader and conqueror in human history, has seen its beginning of their end when they stopped being democracies and began being invaders.

      The only way we can save ourselves is to return to our saner history of diplomacy and respect for sovereignty.

      I have said in previous "wires" before our invasion of Iraq that we could solve all of our Middle East problems simply by recognizing and defending the State of Palestine. Instead, greed for oil riches blinded our two highest leaders. Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney chose to grab for money instead of maintaining our country's highest and noble democratic ideals.

      Since our country experienced the oil depravations caused by our stupid and self-destructive decision to back the Shah of Iran greed, lust, and blood have been our continuous legacy. We had no wars after Vietnam until Israel's unofficial ambassador, Henry Kissinger, persuaded the incompetent Jimmy Carter to permit the despotic Shah of Iran medical treatment in the United States. On that fateful and insane day our bush wars began and illegal narcotics got their boost.

      Wide spread drug use in America was limited to irresponsible kids and a few fringe adults during and after the Vietnam War. After the Vietnam War drug use rapidly declined as former recreational and irresponsible drug users matured and assumed responsible lives. It was only when widespread depression, desperation and economic chaos struck our country because of the terrible influence of Henry Kissinger acting as an Israeli agent using his previous standing as a former executive that caused the terrible and serious chain of events that led our country where it is today.

      Today we call a former movie actor turned political actor a national hero. Recently we have even named a state-of-the-art aircraft carrier after him. Worst yet, we permit former associates of this anti-hero to support the candidacy of another movie actor, whose steroid use and Silver Screen fame, both illicit and pornographic in private life, to assume Ronald Reagan's former governor's office. Nations die when they go insane. Our country has gone insane.

      To replace a draft dodger often accused of "wagging the dog" to get high approval ratings we allowed into our White House a draft dodger who has factually "wagged the dog".

      I have stated in one or more previous "wires" that George Bush Jr's "approval ratings" were actually "fear ratings". Some of you will recall reading this. American's being polled after September 11th, 2001 deliberately replied to pollsters that they supported George Bush in every way only because they feared being killed and they hoped that by showing a united front to those who wanted to kill us that America was strong and united would prevent future disappointment. But now that these same Americans learn and realize that showing a false face and a bogus united front has achieved no greater security or peace in the world they are now speaking with their true voice that they don't have faith in George Bush. Bush's "approval" ratings have plummeted. Only another "attack" on our country will raise his approval rating.

      America is far worse off than we were on 21 January 2001 when George Bush was handed the presidency by those members of the Supreme Court who were appointed by his father or his father's boss.

      The so-called "greatest super power on the face of the Earth" has lost the war in Iraq and are troops in Iraq are being used for target practice. Our supporters in Iraq are being killed off on an ever-accelerated basis, our gas pump prices are rising, our infrastructure is decaying... and only the hope of a getaway national holiday this weekend keeps Americans from realizing their current predicament and revolting to demand George Bush's immediate impeachment. But when American's return to work on Tuesday and realize their mounting expenses to fund their children's education, prepare for Christmas spending, and pay for gas to move their cars and heat their homes this winter... Mr. Bush will face rising resentment.

      Far less decay, lies, betrayal and corruption in our White House encouraged our former Administrator, Asa Hutchinson, to lead the blood-hunt to impeach Bill Clinton. Today our former Administrator presides over a failing border security apparatus. No less than a few weeks after he assumed administration over our borders the body count went up as over two dozen illegal immigrants perished. The Bush White House has not proven to be the White Horse they promised. Bush has proven since 9/11/2001 to be our worst nightmare. Was a former president's indiscretion of having private and secret phone sex with a consenting adult worse than a current president who has caused the deaths and dismemberments of thousands?

      As my facts and predictions have always been accurate in the past, not only do I express grave concern over the appointment of fellow Texan Karen Tandy to lead DEA, I know for a fact that this woman will prove to be DEA's greatest ever detriment.

      I caution all DEA employees not to undertake any potentially or dangerous assignment while Karen Tandy receives a DEA paycheck.

      Fellow Americans, the worst is yet to come.

      Those of you who voted for George Bush helped to created this nightmare we are now living. May Heaven help you for the damage you have done our great and wonderful country.


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