DEA Watch Think Piece: David Flaky Kay embarrasses our president


Special Report: Just the facts

30 Sep 2003, 22:54 PST, 5th Edition

Tuesday Evening Think Piece:
"David Flaky Kay
embarrasses our president"

      I LOVE the 18:32 writer's missive: "Will Main seriously investigate a WH intel leak?" John Ashcroft is a "holy roller", but does he truly understand "holiness"? I fully realize that having not established my credentials I do, however, speak from very long experience when I say that I am inclined to strongly doubt John Ashcroft's 'holiness'. He in no way resembles past 'giants of old'.

      George Bush and John Ashcroft came into office under extranormal circumstances and seriously believing the cycle of events starting with Bill Clinton's stupid extramarital affair and ending with the Supreme's stupidly stopping the Flori-duh vote count was a signal from God that Duh'bya was anointed the Savior of Planet Earth. But then came the back-to-back Duh'bya f**k-ups.

      Query to the Sound of Mind: if Duh'bya and Ashcroft were appointed by God, and our illegal invasion of Iraq was the Crusades Fini, why has the current WH Administration been losing customer confidence not only around the world but right here in the good old US of A?

      Golly! It now appears that Duh'bya and Ashcroft were not appointed and anointed by God... as they believe... because God would not task his "Saviors" with so many idiotic back-to-back screw-ups as the Bush Administration has committed. After all, Jesus himself made no mistakes. Jesus' death was preordained for the purpose of ending the Old Testament's class-action clause and putting each and every individual on record for their personal abuse of the Free Choice Amendment.

      If you ask me -- and you didn't ask me -- I believe that 'Joshua' Bush and his patron saint John Ashcroft wouldn't know Jesus if they got an email from him... or were directed by Jesus to subscribe to a certain website. "W" and John think the Divine Word will come to them in the form of a 2,000 year old parable, hand-delivered by a white-robed blond flapping sixteen-foot wings... but just as real angels don't have wings, our two bozos in the White House and the Department of Justice would learn a lot more about reality simply by reading DEA Watch on a daily basis.

      John Ashcroft owns a painting of a white Jesus. The very fact that our Attorney General worships the image of a Swedish-appearing Son-of-God born and raised in a 'hood where the native skintone ranged from brown to black clearly demonstrates our Attorney General is not living in reality. The only description of Jesus in any canonical or apocryphal text describes him as "...brown skinned with hair like lamb's wool". Does this authoritative Biblical description in any way resemble Max Von Sydow??? Our AG is not living or worshipping in the real word. Therefore, his judgments and decisions are totally absent not only of rationale and reason but also established Biblical fact or precedent.

      Okay, history buffs... where does all this bring us to...

      • Fact 1: The willful release of a CIA agent's name was a criminal offense.
      • Fact 2: The release of the CIA agent's name by "two senior Administration officials" could/would not have happened without the approval of Karl Rove and/or Andy Card.
      • Fact 3: Approval by either/and Rove or Card would not have been authorized unless approved either Dick Cheney or George Bush.
      • Fact 4: Insulation and/or deniability to protect the Vice President and President would be mutually agreed upon by all parties.
      • Fact 5: The biggest mistake Richard Nixon made was allowing his two, most closest advisors to be thrown to the Democrats. Nixon's "official" loss of H.R. Haldemann and John Ehrlichmann ended the Nixon Administration and predicted his inevitable resignation. For Bush to lose Card and/or Rove would be comparable to Nixon losing Haldemann and/or Ehrlichmann.
      • Fact 6: Aware of this fact, George W. Bush and Richard Cheney are at this very moment panicked with the decision to throw either or both Card and Rove to the Democrats.
      • Fact 7: Colin Powell, attempting to restore sanity, attempts to remind all parties that it was the "Bunker Syndrome" brought on by the failure of their Great White Hope, David (Fla)Kay, to find WMD, as he vehemently promised he would find in Iraq... and thereby justifying the cannon fodder deaths and injury of hundreds of American soldiers.

      Folks... the show is over. The fat lady has sung. It no longer matters if George Bush is defeated or wins in November, 2004 because the seeds have been sown and the die is cast. The United States of America is now out of God's sight and joins the list of once-promising powers who were graced with power then sorely abused and lost power.

      The Republican Party now controls the White House, the Senate and the House... By the granting of Free Choice, God permits fools enough rope to hang themselves.

      Every Republican who supported the authorization of an Independent Counsel investigation of a Clinton indiscretion or rumor, but now opposes an Independent investigation of the current Republican Administration is exercising Free Choice in the most profane and self-destruction expression. No Republican can honestly say that it was okay to appoint an Independent Investigator to research an extra-marital affair but it is improper to appoint and Independent Investigator to research the disclosure of a national security illegality. Is the Republican Party statement... "It all depends on if she was or was not a 'covert operative' " any different from Bill Clinton saying, "It all depends upon what the word 'Is', is."

      The real issue has nothing to do with the issues in debate. The real issue is honesty, integrity and abuse of Free Choice.

      The man in the White House, George Bush, and the man in the Justice Department, John Ashcroft, can both play with semantics and the laws men wrote. But the laws of our ForeFathers were inspired by God. George Bush and John Ashcroft have erred by willfully misinterpreting Truth and Justice for their personal use.

      For eons God made and kept the American continent separated by oceans and pure from ancient corruption as a Second Garden of Eden and a Second Chance for Mankind to redeem itself. It was no mistake that Christianity and not Islam or Buddhism gave birth to the socialization of our country. And it was no mistake of evolution that Japan's failed December 7th, 1941 (the actual birthdate of Christ) to attempt to regain ownership of the continent we now call the United States was inspired by their Japanese elders who colonized our continent eons before the first white man discovered control of fire or shepherded their first domestic animal on the European continent. DNA research has now proven that the so-called "American Indian" and their "Mexican" relations possess DNA identical to the descendants of their ancestors now living in Japan. American "Indians" and pre-Spaniard Mexicans were Japanese immigrants.

      The basic "Tenets" of our Constitution are founded upon the individual decisions and choices of each individual to behave properly and dispense divine wisdom. The word "tenet" is not just a name held prominently symbolic in our time as a dignitary of high importance and visually an inheritant of native origin, this name/word has meaning in our religious and social language. Grand symbols are too often lost on the self-righteous who ignore the symbols. Recall that Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not know what they do." Not knowing what one is and one's roots means not understanding Truth. One cannot understand the words if one cannot read between the words. Jesus spoke deliberately in parables for the purpose of having his words immediately known by the wise and pursued by the yet-to-be-wise. Pursuit of wisdom is the key. Learning, accepting and acknowledging Truth, then speaking and deciding Truth, are fundamental.

      America, the Nation, was Founded upon the principles of Freedom of Religion...Freedom of Speech and its associated liberties being required components thereof. But abuse by any person or group of people to undermine and subvert the last free Earthly domain of Truth and Justice imperils the entire world. There are no more free continents to discover. There are no more virgin territories or Gardens of Eden on our planet to seed and harvest and grow a new society based on personal Freedom. We've been there, done that.

      The continent now named the United States of America was and is mankind's last hope for salvation, hope and survival. We can choose to live lies or live truths. We can choose greed or humanity.

      The current Administration and its political Party now governing our country now controls all three levels of government at a strategic time in human evolution... the Executive, the Judiciary, and the Legislative branches are all controlled by Republican influence. The test of true leadership and wisdom now rests on the existing power to exercise its power either for the good and future of Mankind, or for its destruction.

      I began by saying that the current Administration came into power believing amongst themselves to have been appointed by God. I would say to these self-worshipping men to read their Bibles and read between the lines of their Bible's words. There are far greater powers on Earth that have existed long before Men were given souls and placed in God's grace. Mankind has always been an individual test of Free Choice. The story of the Tree of Life, the text of the Ten Commandments, the books of the New Testament were given to each man and woman to read between the lines.

      Predictably and true to their precedent characters, George Bush will pretend to be honest. John Ashcroft will decide against doing the right thing. Their supporters will champion the bad decisions of their false Gods. All of this is ordained for your, personal test of choices.

      What will you choose?


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