DEA Watch Think Piece: Job Notice, as in "Job's Notice"


Special Report: Just the facts

23 Jun 2003, 22:47 PST, 6th Edition

Monday Evening Think Piece:
Job Notice, as in "Job's Notice"

      Bush & Company are fooling themselves if they think killing Saddam or declaring him dead will end the killing of our soldiers and usher in an era of obedience to US/Israel control of Iraq.

      Won't happen.

      Because we white people have always convinced ourselves that we are biologically, spiritually and intellectually superior to everyone with skin color darker than white we have failed to appreciate or accept the equality, ingenuity and resourcefulness of our non-white co-humans.

      Even though the Japanese outsmarted us on Dec 7th, 1941, and Al-Queda made us look mega-stupid on Sept 11th, 2001, and Saddam Hussein all but allowed us to take over his country of birth this year, we continue tell ourselves that we are better, smarter, superior.

      And because of our arrogance, we refuse to accept that our relatively easy entry into Baghdad, experiencing far, far less opposition than anticipated, was military genius on the part of a two individuals: Tommie Franks (now removed from sight... we rarely even read his name in the news anymore) and Don Rumsfeld (still competing with Jay Leno for the Top Stand-Up Comic of the Century award).

      But we remain left with Geo. W. bush masquerading as the fighter pilot he never was. And we have Colin Powell still running around the world saying, "Don't look at my white mind, look at my black skin." In reality, Saddam Hussein is proving to be a lot smarter than our propaganda gives him credit for. Saddam learned in 1991, just after the Soviets came to the same realization, that America possessed the most advanced rapid response military on our planet. Although numbering fewer than 2 million active duty members, our country possessed the singular national capability to almost instantly mobilize, deliver and focus every person and conventional weapon in our military on a target with devastating effect. Our success in liberating Kuwait caused the breakup of the Soviet Union, which suddenly and fully realized that their military forces were spread far too thin and were far too fragile to maintain control over their widely spread empire. Saddam took note of the Soviet capitulation. And it was at this time he developed his plan on how to defeat the United States without engaging in a response to our frontal assault.

      Saddam Hussein's brilliant plan, modeled after a collection or wars waged in Vietnam, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and other places will inevitably prove to be more successful than our Administration's plan which is constantly reformulated by individuals too smart for their (or our) own good on a daily basis.

      Our Vietnam generals hoped to win in Vietnam by attrition... gradually reducing the number of adequately armed opponents who could take to the field. This strategy was wrong, and should have been pre-judged to be wrong because we used the same failed strategy in Korea a dozen years prior where we quickly learned that even though we reduced the North Korean battleforce we got our butts kicked by a Chinese battleforce.

      We are seeing a repeat of that history today in Iraq, with a twist. The full compliment (less 7,000 or so low-rent types who surrendered or permitted themselves to be captured during "the war" several weeks ago) of the Iraq military and civil defense force remains well armed and prepared to coordinatively attrite our poll-inflated/flawed will to sustain, our troops' reported but not real confidence, and our intelligence agency's complete inability to penetrate, much less provide utilizeable intelligence.

      Contrary to the Bush Administration's knowing lies and distortions, WMD's were not Saddam's focus for the past twelve years since Desert Storm. Saddam was focused on deploying, with or without his leadership or liveliness, a master plan to eternally rid his nation of US and Western desire to own and possess the lifeblood of American industry: Iraq's oil.

      George Bush's success in taking over the United States government via his father's appointees to the Supreme Court did more than predict inevitable US war with Iraq. George Bush's takeover of the U.S. made it clear and evident to every Muslim in the Middle East that war was inevitable. George Bush's declaration that Ariel Sharon was "a man of peace" cemented Muslim preparation for U.S. military activation to carry out Israel's historic desire, post-Moses, to dominate the ancient world. Why the Israeli's continue to reject Christianity we as individuals may never know. And why Israel, who accepts the ArchAngel Gabriel so prominently mentioned in Jewish history, yet rejects the same ArchAngel Gabriel who delivered the Koran and the existence of One God to the Islamic world to move them closer to reality, befuddles every rational mind.

      We didn't win the war in Iraq. We were led into a trap in Iraq. This is all part of a plan made long ago by wiser beings.

      There is only one way to win the war in Iraq. That way is to remove our troops from Iraq. The smartest, most brilliant military plan we could devise is a way to remove every American on Iraq soil at the same moment, on the same day, without a shred of suspicion.

      We should just pick up and go.

      Saddam will, of course, quickly return to power. But who cares... because his return to power is neither a bad thing or a defeat for us. Because of our short-lived but powerfully convincing military action Saddam could never return to power as the same tyrant he was before. Saddam would know that his sick sons must be checked and disciplined, and that the past ways of tyranny and brutality must not be repeated. Because... in our departure we would leave behind a secret network of informants possessing infallible communications capabilities that even Saddam could suppress nor eliminate.

      And whereas George Tenet's boogie-boys have proven to be totally useless and embarrassingly incompetent, the intelligence apparatus we will leave behind after our military departure will provide our military the rapid-response intell needed to provide the checks and balances the United Nations would quickly authorize to prevent Saddam from committing any act of terrible inhumanity that our George Bush loved to use as a reference and justification for going after the man who "tried to kill my daddy".

      There are no functional or utilizeable WMD's in Iraq. That mission is accomplished.

      Now we need to zero in on the ultimate victory. Unfortunately, we have no one in our current leadership who possesses the intelligence or instinct to make the wise decision. After all, the individuals currently making the big decisions are:

      • a. president who is in fact a wannabe coward who went AWOL to avoid war service
      • b. a vice president who is in fact a coward who avoided military service because "I had other priorities."
      • c. an Uncle Tom secretary of state who has a history of doing whatever B'wana tells him to do... via his megalomaniac "good cop, bad cop" facade
      • d. a homosexual national security advisor who can neither judge or advise on the normal human nature of world leaders simply because she inherently lacks the capability of knowing what being normal is
      • e. a filthy rich defense secretary who jokes off every serious issue and should have been put out to pasture long before his appointment
      • f. a joint chiefs chairman who's only war was fought 35,000 miles above the battlefield and has no clue whatsoever as to what real war on the ground truly is or entails
      • g. and the list goes on...

      The only reason why we've gotten this far is because we have been operating on residual impetus, resources and hype. But the mere fact that our GI's are being blown away on a regular basis is self evident that things are going badly for us. For political and poll driven reasons Tom Ridge keeps us intermittently hopping from Orange to Yellow and back again... and we can expect a lot more color-hopping as the November, 2004 election date nears. Our economy is in the toilet despite Greenspan being more kindly to George Jr. than he was to George Sr. Consumers aren't spending in droves because they aren't seeing pictures or Laura Bush shopping in a a local mall... just as housewives weren't seeing TV pictures of Barbara Bush spending money back in 1992-3. (Isn't it amazing that George Bush Sr. was asked the price of bread back in 1992... and Barbara never was asked that question???) Isn't it the wife who is generally expected to know what it cost to feed a family??? Laura Bush may know the price of an anti-Christian warlock's tale (Harry Potter book) but she couldn't respond to questions why the man who repeatedly told America back in 2000 that he "goes to bed every night with a teacher" has failed to produce high school students graduating in 2003 with reading levels three Rector-Scale points lower than the Rhodes Scholar president (Bill Clinton) who achieved higher reading scores during his eight years as president.

      So why should we be surprised that we didn't win the war in Iraq? In reality, the morons who attend daily national security briefings in the White House fell into a brilliantly planned Saddam Hussein trap!

      Just recently we blew away another three dozen innocent Iraqis moving their sheep from Iraq to Syria. But our CIA and intel told us that caravan was occupied by "former Hussein officials"... despite the fact than most of Saddam's "henchmen" have, on a timely, pre-scheduled and strategically planned basis, already turned themselves in for the purpose of fulfilling a pre-set master plan! Would Saddam or his son's be so foolish enough to travel the open roads, inviting a drone or manned aerial attack? Duh! Osama hasn't been so stupid, why would Saddam or his offspring be that stupid?

      The best decision George W. Bush can make to avoid another Vietnam is to pull us out... yesterday. Don't wait until tomorrow, we need to exit today!

      Or, Bush can listen to his flaky advisors who tell him that he can use Iraq and Afghanistan, just as he used them in the last election, to win the next election. Nixon won in 1972 despite the serious Watergate and Vietnam issues growing daily "like a cancer" on the presidency. Nixon ended up resigning. Nixon's protege, David Eisenhower, for whom Camp David (Bush Jr.'s favorite drinking dive) was named, never evolved as a presidential candidate projected for 1980 despite David's enormous intellect and inherent capability of being an outstanding president.

      This is the news during, after and before it is written.

      Read it and weep.

      As always, you read it here first, on DEA Watch.

      In the Bible it is written... "There was a man in the land of Uz (Iraq environs), whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil."

      How was it described about the Messengers of Justice, The Sons of Light, The Sons of Heaven... "An eternity praising their God, but always with one wing dipped in blood... only because we who are Man refused to just say no to those who were Fallen."

      Because two listened to the Fallen instead of obeying God we were expelled from Eden. Because some permitted seduction by the Fallen and did not obey God there came The Flood. And because some refused to accept Jesus Christ as God's son and messenger today is what it is.

      We have each been given the privilege of Choice... to choose to be good or to choose to be bad. In between, we can also choose to justify bad as good.


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