DEA Watch Think Piece: Morality, Manliness and American Survival"


Special Report: Just the facts

24 May 2003, 23:35 PST, 5th Edition

Memorial Day Think Piece:
Morality, Manliness and American Survival

      Throughout history military's have always sought the strongest biological and moral specimens of manhood to staff their combat legions. The weak, immoral or less courageous were left behind... which is necessary, of course, because war demands that only the best, brightest and strongest do battle and win against an opponent of similar stamina.

      Alas, the only problem with this arrangement is that the weaker, immoral and/or less manly of men are always left behind, sometimes for years. And because they are the only males available to females watching their biological clocks, weak men succeed in mating with restless females. The result of this pairing produces, more than not, an even weaker and less moral generation of males... and so on.

      The nation that wins the war returns its men back to the homefront to produce the next generations of strong males. But the side that loses the war gets stuck with its 4-F's to sire the next generation of soldiers who will perform more poorly in battle than their fathers who were either unsuited for or shyed away from the previous war.

      Of course, better weapons and technology sometimes provide an edge, and temporary success on the battlefield. But winning the battles is not the same as winning the war, because even the physically weaker side that wins a battle or two by superiority of technology rather than physical strength or moral character is eventually defeated because history (David and Goliath) has taught us that even superior weapons in the hands of inferior soldiers cannot forever win over a superior enemy of mind and body using inferior weapons.

      After a victorious war the strong victors return home to reclaim the best of the female population to father strong sons and daughters of their own after tossing out the baby boys made by the weak men in their absence. For the loser who returns home, life isn't so good. The weak men who stayed at home to prosper in education, business and romance (since they were the only game in town) generally succeed in suppressing the loser warrior newly entering school or the job market by preventing him any measure of success in any field.

      Nations that engage in repetitive or lengthy wars, whether they win or lose, eventually decline and are defeated because too many of their finest male specimens perish in battle, leaving only the weak males to soon control their nation and military. Over time the weak inevitably inherit their nation... and the inevitable decline begins.

      Our nation began with a president who proved himself a superior specimen of malehood in battle. Our nation is now led by a president who willfully avoided battle. A lot has changed in America between George Washington and George Bush.

      Since the end of World War II America has been engaged in approximately a dozen conflicts. None of our opponents since WW2 equaled our military superiority in technology. However, many equaled or exceeded our military in male superiority of character, mind and body, rendering our technological superiority moot. The North Koreans possessed jets, tanks and weapons nearly equal to our own during the Korean War. They also possessed strong and moral males. We didn't win that war. Then came Vietnam. The North Vietnamese also entered the battlefield with good weaponry and strong, male soldiers. Inevitably, we were forced to flee. We didn't win that war either. We did, however, defeat the Panamanians who possessed neither the technology or weaponry to effectively oppose us. We were also victorious in Grenada where our opponents were more comparable to a police force than a military force. Yet in that conflict it was only superior technology that saved an encircled Marine detachment in Grenada from being obliterated... due to one Marine having a cell phone to call the Pentagon pleading for his unit's rescue.

      Our attempted mission in Iran against a military rated on the level of a police force failed in numerous casualties on our side because even our advanced technology and weaponry proved to be useless. Later on in El Salvador we were shamefully booted out. We were also shown the door in Somalia where those who opposed our highly trained and equipped soldiers turned out be mostly civilians, a number of whom were children armed only with sticks and rocks.

      These are the undisputed facts.

      We did, fortunately, succeed with the help of many other nations in removing Iraq from Kuwait. Ten years later, with far less help from our friends but with far more advanced weaponry and airpower, we succeeded in defeating Iraq in Gulf War II. But we cannot overlook the fact that after 10 years of embargo the Iraqi military was rated on the same level as a major-city American police department having no viable Navy, Air Force or conventional Army to seriously oppose us. Still, our plan to win that conflict took three weeks longer and many embarrassing deficiencies than planned by our $300 billion-dollar-per-yer Pentagon.

      A lot has changed in America between George Washington and George Bush.

      We have had eleven presidents since our last, true military victory in WW2. Of those eleven presidents since WW2 three were true combat veterans; five had enlisted in the Reserves for the purpose of avoiding active military service and combat; one served in Hollywood during his war; one obtained Conscientious Objector status on moral grounds; and one's combat air duty has been challenged by some of his crewmates [1]. One of the Reservists (Lyndon Johnson) received a Silver Star which is now being seriously questioned as a valid award. Another Reservist (George W. Bush) went so far as going AWOL after having this transfer request to a clerical unit denied. That president recently donned full military flight uniform to pass himself off as a combat pilot in a recent conflict he himself had initiated.

      Memorial Day 2003 honors the true American warriors who have died to keep us free. But this Memorial Day we also lament the declining manhood and morality that has in the past kept us free. As the weaker and less moral take control of both our government and our military America risks ultimate defeat against an army of stronger, more moral males.

      Because the weak, the timid and the cowardly have assumed control of our country the military personnel who now receive the greatest publicity, honor and gifts are no longer neither the brave or the dead. They are the captured who surrender after little or no fight.

      America's last conflict produced no Medal of Honor recipients because no one who exemplified courage and sacrifice was profiled. Only one American during the most recent conflict received wide publicity. This person was captured. The circumstances of her capture are now being criticized with good reason. A woman who died actively fighting and resisting capture during the same incident is not mentioned by the media and has never been mentioned by the president. She was a racial minority.

      The previous military mission in Bosnia produced three "heroes"... also captives. During World War II these same three who found themselves in enemy hands because of their own incompetence and illiteracy would have never been reported by the American media. Yet, by today's standards our morons are labeled our "heroes".

      The nation that celebrates and publicizes its incompetents who cannot read road signs with the same hero worship it recognizes its courageous combat pilots who are shot down while flying dangerous missions has degenerated to the level of idiocy. But this should be of no surprise to anyone when at the same time our media gives special attention to a combat pilot wannabe who avoided war in Vietnam to film a campaign commercial on an aircraft carrier after requisitioning, staffing and illegally assuming pilot control of a military aircraft shepherded by massive aerial protection. It should be noted that the Congressional Budget Office which refused to investigate George Bush's carrier landing failed to include the cost of the combat aircraft specially deployed to protect him between his takeoff and landing. Nor did the Federal Aviation Administration challenge George Bush's illegal piloting an aircraft without a civilian operators license or active military flight certification.

      As our Nation's biological gene pool of prime male warriors declines so does our recognition of who our true heroes are, as well as the qualifications for achieving hero stature. These days it doesn't take much to be a hero in America... you need only be in the right place at the right time and not cowardly run away at the first sign of danger... or be in the right place at the right time during a period of time when our wacky media is looking for a hero to force upon us.

      Tomorrow, it will take even less to achieve hero status because the weak and immoral victors of today will write the history of our wars and sire the leaders of tomorrow.

      George W. Bush and Richard Cheney are America's greatest achievers today, holding our Nation's highest offices. Their children will inherit America's leadership either by office or influence. George Bush chose alcohol and AWOL over Vietnam. His daughter's alcoholism graces the pages of supermarket tabloids. Dick Cheney had "other priorities" during the Vietnam War. Mr. Cheney's offspring has publicly stated that same-sex relationships are equally moral and valid as natural law. Those of us who are parents of males must ask ourselves this question: Would we, as responsible parents, really want the son we love married to a female comparable to a Jenna or Barbara Bush? Of course not! Nor would those of us who have daughters we deeply love really want our baby girl to present us with a best friend like Mary Cheney... lesbian daughters do not naturally produce biological grandchildren. Those of us who are sane and normal, hoping to become grandparents with descendants of strong and solid character, would not want our children to be in the same room with the Bush and Cheney children, much less have them as friends.

      Unmentioned so far are the females who choose -- or are left with only the choice of -- weak males to sire their children. Naturally, when the strong are taken away for and by war the less responsible, less choosy females accept any male that is available. But it should be noted that just as the personal integrity, morality and manliness of subsequent generations of males depreciates and declines from the dregs of leftover men these choiceless females admit between their thighs, so too does the character of female offspring who possess even less discrimination when they, like their weak-minded mothers, opt to accept any seed they can catch regardless of its biological weakness and certain guarantee of producing more diluted offspring of even weaker substance.

      Just as the strong military character of presidents have declined since the combat service of Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy, so has the vitality of our military. Memorial Day 2003 is more a celebration and remembrance of true heroes past and the sacrifices of bygone wars than of those we recognize today simply because they are current.

      Fortunately, for humankind's sake, our Creator provided males the gift of ageless seed unlike the human egg which is created at birth and is stamped with an expiration date. During a time far in the past the women of ancient and more moral days would selectively seek out true war veterans, regardless of their age, to sire their sons of strong moral and physical fiber. Sadly for America, we now possess very few true war veterans. The United States Veterans Administration estimates that fewer than 300,000 male WW2 veterans capable of independently reproducing children are alive today. Korean War male veterans in this category number less than 20,000, and Vietnam veterans who served in-country number less than 700,000. America's true "hero gene pool" rapidly declines each passing day [*]. That is why our country is left with wannabe leaders who enjoy cloaking themselves in military costume but in reality never fought in a war... or decided that "other priorities" than being a war veteran were more important.

      A wise man once said to a woman asking his advice about a potential husband, "Just because he is male doesn't make him a man. Take into yourself a real man who's sons and daughters will make humankind proud and worthy of your strong ancestors who made your existence possible."

      Memorial Day today is not the Memorial Day of yesterday. Our heroes and great accomplishers of today are but mere dilutions of better generations. Memorial Day is essentially all about a gene pool depleted of heroic seed that were never sown.

      A lot has changed since the time we could hope for the descendants of true and courageous American heroes such as Audie Murphy, "Kiki" Camarena, or our "in-country" war veterans to lead our Nation. Let us Celebrate this Memorial Day thinking about our heroes gone, and those who will soon be gone. Let us also pray that somehow, some way, we will regain our sensibilities and restore America's true heroes to our Nation's Leadership. If we don't, America will go the way of the Greeks, Romans and once-great nations of true Heroes before us... Memorial Day will become a day of remembering what once was and what could have been had we heeded the warnings. 9/11/2001 served as a reminder from 12/7/1941 that we are no longer protected by great waters.

      America won the war that began on December 7th, 1941 because we had a truly magnificent gene pool of virtuous male character and morality to draw upon. The only way America can return to producing males of character who possess the stamina to repel and defeat aggressors is to return to the same character of life that produced the generation that won the last and previous wars America decidedly won.

      Our Nation needs to immediately fragment our large cities into small-town communities.... the internet and technology will keep communities linked. It is only the small-town, intimate lifestyle that breeds strong bodies and minds. America's history of producing strong bodies and minds in war and peace has proven this true. The Industrial Age required big cities. The Technological Age demands small cities and towns. Small towns foster creative employment, social commitment, personal responsibility, electoral participation, less crime, more morality and greater patriotism.

      Future Memorial Days must be viewed not as a remembrance of the past, but as a Social and Biological Gene Pool Operating Plan for the Future. All of America's greatest heroes evolved from small towns where men grew up to be men and women grew up to be women. We have the space to create many miniopolises. We have the technology. And we have the administrative resources to return America to its greatest past, yet at the same time retain our vitality, competitiveness and ultimate superiority.

      The Memorial Day message of the greatest future leader of our country should not be tax cuts or anti-terrorism, but local control and breeding great Americans of substance and character. Local control can neither be accomplished or afforded by great cities. Nor will smaller, more intimately staffed and guarded towns prove to be worthy or accessible targets for terrorists.

      Our country needs desperately to reverse our trend toward producing the megalopolis. We need to go back to the days of yesteryear where communities were distinct and boundaried by uninhabited space... where everyone knew their neighbor... where we can all return to the days of our great-grandparents who safely went to bed at night without having to lock their doors.

      With the proper leadership of true American heroes this goal is easily obtainable.

      Achieving this goal will be our true "Memorial Day".


      [1] This president, G.H.W. Bush, formerly celebrated his birthdays by parachuting sandwiched between two professional skydivers who ensured Mr. Bush's parachute opened before they activated their own. However, the Bush Sr. air stunts ended last year (2001) after an 82-year-old WW2 widow jumped alone from 2,500 feet, opening her chute by herself.

      [*] Number of American War (ERA) veterans: 26,403,703

      Of this:

      • 11.5% are Gulf War 1 "era"
      • 31.7% are Vietnam War "era"
      • 15.3% are Korean War "era"
      • 21.7% are World War 2 "era"

      ("Era" means they served during the war. It does not mean they served inside the war theater.)


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