DEA Watch Think Piece: More Wankel Wienie Wagging?"


Special Report: Just the facts

26 Dec 2003, 21:13 PST, 4th Edition

Friday Evening Think Piece:
More Wankel Wienie Wagging?"

      Last week Karen made a speech and sent out a zillion copies of which to applaud U. Michigan's latest tax-dollar money scam to keep its fedbucks flowing into the University's coffers amidst reduced bucks not coming in from donors seriously depleted by the Bush recession. (Some of our retirees and older S/As will recall that it was the Think Boys from the University of Michigan working under Dr. Wesley Fischel who conducted huge money-profitable studies in Vietnam that got us deeper embedded in that losing war... lost from the get-go. UMich was only trying of get their share of Lyndon's 'Great Society' giveaway. Final cost of UMich's "Operation Vietnam Bucks": 58,000 American lives; $Umpteen million tax dollars for UMich.)

      Now UMich has decided to reach into the drug world. Ha-ha... and Karen fell for it. Didn't Wankel warn Karen that teen-drug surveys are a dime-a-dozen... that one month teen drug is down but the next month teen-drug use is up... depending on the a**holes doing the survey and are raking in -OR- desiring to rake in big govt bucks? If you want a govt contract all you have to say is what your targetted govt agency wants to hear... or doesn't want you to repeat.

      It appears that Wankel is wagging his wienie in front of Karen the same way he wagged it for Asa who also got sillied into doing the Drug Czar's job. Last week Karen went public with a preposterous line that drug dealers should feel discouraged about UMich's survey that says teen drug use is down. Gimme a break! Tell that to the cops who raided that SC high school just last month... or didn't UMich think of surveying that city?

      Asa fell for Wankel's dumb advice to hype drug use and play Drug Czar Wannabe. Karen is not only stupid for falling for Wankel's tripe, she is pathetic. Karen told the Senate she would go after cartels but now she grabbing at every publicity opportunity to take credit for any survey or poll that says drug us is down. Hardy-de-har-har!

      The job of the Drug Czar is to hype drug use, abuse and progress (or lack thereof) reducing either. The job of the DEA Administrator is to reduce if not eliminate drug availability by the weak-minded in our society.

      When the DEA Administrator dribbles over into the Drug Czar's court the Administrator is not doing his/her own job. If Karen wants publicity she should plan a successful op against a major narcotics provider. (It's been a whole lotta years since we've had one of those, hasn't it?)

      As for Doug... he's really not a bad guy. His big problem is that he has been too long in government employment. Doug manifests all the critically terminal symptoms of CCGE... which is similar to PTSD. (CCGE: Chronic Career Government Employment). Doug totally lacks the individualism, initiative, intelligence or curiosity to reach out to unconventional or street-level, non-government sources for new ideas. Hence, all he can come up with is advising the Administrator to attach him/herself to and/all positive appearing headlines.

      For a lot less money than Karen's paying Doug she could've gotten some down to Earth advice from people who truly understand the drug war.


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