DEA Watch Think Piece: America once stood for Truth, Justice and Morality"


Special Report: Just the facts

04 May 2004, 14:22 PST, 5th Edition

Sunday Morning Think Piece:
America once stood for Truth, Justice and Morality

      Back on May 4th someone wrote the following: "The Iraq POW story is an indictment of the Pentagon's (news media) embed program. After all the months of the embed program not a single embed reporter reported the problem (going on in the Abu Gharib prison). It took a non-embed (Seymour Hersh or New Yorker Magazine) to report this story."

      This statement has great meaning and importance. It reflects the fact that the American news media has been completely corrupted by government influence and agencies.

      We have all known for a long time that certain government law enforcement agencies pay for the college educations of 'fasttrack' LE executives, news reporters, certain corporate employees and others who swiftly excel in their jobs to quickly rise to decision-making positions. We have a number of such rapid-risers in DEA. One SAC, for example, Mr. Trouville, is such an example. He is slated to become our next Administrator... it is believed.

      We can live with rapid-risers in DEA because we know how to get around them. Mark Trouville, for example, is by all accounts a good guy, honest, balanced and sincere. We can't trust his wife because of her alleged affair or closeness with a former Los Angeles SAC, but we know that we can trust Mark. We know that Mark will, in most cases, never agree to make a decision that violates the spirit or intent of our Constitution. Therefore, whatever help Mark may or may not have received from high-level funding or influence sources he has never served in an adverse capacity to DEA's overall mission. (Although Mark has on one or more occasions failed to support one or more of his agents falsely persecuted by HQ.)

      On the other hand, certain news media executives who received their diplomas and/or other LE credentials courtesy of the American taxpayer are an entirely different animal. What they do, or fail to do, has a negative affect on every individual in our country. The sad fact is, we cannot and should not trust our news media. Our Pentagon "embeds" completely failed to report the on-going abuse in our POW facilities. The embeds from the major news stations, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and NBC allowed themselves to be led by their noses to story's in every direction opposite from the Abu Gharib POW facility. At the same time these embeds were filing glowing reports praising our military with regard to conditions in our POW facilities. And not a single federal lawsuit was filed by any of the above named news houses demanding some level of news media access to POWs or their conditions or our adherence to the Geneva Conventions of War.

      What other serious problems have our 'Big Five' electronic news houses failed to report?

      It goes without saying that if the recent coverage of the POW matter in Iraq wasn't sexual in content we probably would not be hearing about it today.

      Here is another example of the failure of the major electronic news media houses who have failed to report factually on another growing problem... This week our country celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Brown vs The Board of Education decision that eradicated "separate but equal" education discrimination in our public schools. Yet, we don't hear news reports about black and minority test scores being tampered with... a problem well known and reported in earlier years. Yes, we know that on national election days blacks and other minorities are deprived of their voting rights by Republican and Conservative saboteurs operating in local districts... Every national election day we learn about fraudulent flyers being posted on telephone poles, public and private buildings in minority communities stating "Election Day Has Been Changed To Another Date", or "All Voters Will Be Required To Present Their Most Recent Utility Bill or Rent Check", or white police officers are threateningly stationed outside voting places, etc. But we no longer hear reports about minority students' high school graduation or college entry scores being deliberately lowered by racists operating within testing evaluation centers or local Boards of Education to remove or lower competition for white kids seeking the scarce, good paying jobs during recessions and such. Currently our corrupted news media is reporting that low scholastic test scores by blacks and other minorities is the fault of the student. But in the past when low minority test scores were patterned it was discovered by investigative journalists that racial corruption was at the root.

      Just as we bought hook, line and sinker the fraudulent 'embed' reports that Iraqi and Afghan POW's were being treated fairly, humanely and passionately, we will learn once again that during tough financial times our minorities are being targeted for exclusion to disable their competitiveness with white students and job applicants.

      We in DEA can't do very much to help correct the injustices being perpetrated on American minorities in the private sector or in our schools. Nor can we do anything about the way some of our military counterparts misbehave toward their prisoners. But we can address the fact that minorities in DEA are still now being permitted equal access to the prized promotions and positions in DEA.

      When it became known that Karen Tandy -- a Texan and Jewish-American -- would become our Administrator, and Michelle Leonhart would serve as Karen's token minority assistant, there was much backchannel discussion in DEA about why Michelle, a career DEA investigator, wasn't given the top job and Karen given the entry-level second position. The answer is obvious: Karen is white and Jewish. Michelle is neither. Karen Tandy has proven to be a total failure. Karen Tandy has added nothing to DEA. Indeed, Karen Tandy has subtracted from our mission. Race and religion matters in the Bush White House. Earlier this year Bush announced his Administration would oppose affirmative action in our tertiary schools, yet this week he will appear at various Brown v. Board ceremonies. Hypocrisy.

      Let's look at the Bush Justice Department. It is failing terribly. John Ashcroft is a graying shadow of himself. He is far older, feeble, and less capable than he was only a few short years ago. JA's mistake in the beginning was allowing the corrupt Karl Rove and 'Scooter' Libby to misuse precious FBI and CIA resources to harass innocent Americans that Rove and Libby fraudulently asserted were opposed to the Supreme's selection of George Bush and thus national security risks. JA is thinner, grayer and raspier. We have all noticed that he has quite visibly aged terribly. He wears his Dorian Grey sins on the outside. And unless JA completely reverses his anti-American Sins over the past 3 1/2 years he will continue to decay until his clock has accelerated to the point of total incapacity.

      Four years ago advocates for George Bush proclaimed that unless we voted for Bush our country would descend into an amoral morass instigated by Bill Clinton's sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky. Our first Bush-appointed Administrator, Asa Hutchinson, was assigned the specific job of educating every American of all ages about semen stains. Is it any wonder now about who the true immoralists are?

      Bill Clinton's affair was private. George Bush's supporters made that affair, in all it's adult detail, public. But let us remember that our soldiers never engaged in the sordid, sexual immorality now pervasive in our current military under George Bush, who for the first three years of his presidency spent (almost) every weekend at Camp David reportedly getting drunk. It was only due to persistent reporting about Bush's Camp David binges that ended them. (He has been to Camp David only a few times on weekends in 2004.)

      America once stood for Truth, Justice and Morality. We have never been so low in our entire history. Our descent cannot be blamed on anyone other than the current president and his staff. 9/11 ended the Bush Administration's habit of blaming Bill Clinton for George Bush's failures. Blame must now be placed squarely on the people in the White House today who are responsible for the way things have gone downhill since the election of 2000.

      Only when we have a new president will DEA and our military again rise. We made a big mistake when we voted for a "CEO" president. Mixing private industry and government is just as bad as mixing religion and government. We chose government work because we reasoned, as individuals, that we personally functioned better and at higher personal capacity and output as government employees. What in the world were we thinking about when we voted for a corrupt and immoral, ex-con "CEO" from private industry to operate our government???


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