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Special Agent Report: Just the facts

Wednesday Morning Think Piece: "The Big Con... ":

    Yesterday someone wrote: "There is news that our President has invited a reformed drug dealer, arrested and jailed by us, to be a special guest at his State of the Union address tonight. Apparently our President feels it is important to tell the American public that one can willingly commit a crime against society, discover his guilt while sitting out a prison term in which he nothing else to do but make license plates, then achieve a pardon, learn speech-making, and become a national hero."

    Aside from talking about border issues, Mr. Trump spent more time in his SOU speech about his pardon for convicted felon, Alice Marie Johnson, than any other subject. And by converting an infamous drug felon who poisoned her neighbors and helped to ruin hundreds of black lives, Ms. Johnson -- who sat next to Mr. Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner have finalized the biggest con ever on the American public.

    Today it will be announced that the USG will spend billions of dollars re-purchasing a US-made anti-missile system from Israel that was all but given to Israel in 1990 during the first Gulf War.

    The Patriot anti-missile system invented by Raytheon Corp was handed over to Israel in 1990 allegedly to prevent Israel from firing its own missiles into Iraq during the American-led invasion against Saddam Hussein... and invasion ordered by then-President George HW Bush for Hussein's invasion of Kuwait which then-US Ambass to Iraq, April Glaspie, fully authorized on behalf of Bush. In other words, Hussein attacked Kuwait for stealing Iraqi oil only because Bush told Glaspie to tell Hussein that the US would not get involved in Iraq-Kuwait border oil fights.

    Upon receiving Raytheon's Patriot missile system, Israel spent millions to re-convert the Patriot into what it re-named "The Iron Dome" anti-missile defense system. Re-naming US military equipment to give them Israeli ID's was common in Israel because US and international law prevented any nation (and particularly the US) from selling Israel offensive military equipment. (Anti-missile [ground-to-air] weaponry can also be used as artillery [ground-to-ground] weapons.)

    Yesterday, having successfully conned Liberals, blacks and Anglo drug users and sympathizers that they were devotedly interested in making drug convict's lives better, Mr. Kushner and Mr. Trump secretly approved the public announcement that the US will now give billions of dollars to Israel to defend American soldiers in Europe, while at the same time telling gullible American citizens that the US will return to using American-made rockets, and no longer Russian-made rockets, to send Americans into space. The Kushner Group is expected to reap hundreds of millions on the deal, and the Trump Group will branch off into weapons deals, along with remaining a gouging landlord of tens of thousands of rental and lease properties. Mr. Trump will do very well when he leaves the WH.

    Perpetuating the Mueller investigation and engaging in the phony life-saving of illegal drug dealers scam has enabled Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner to engage in a variety of very profitable deal-making by keeping the American public, in coordination with the Israeli-controlled cable news networks, in the total dark with pulse-throbbing diversions that, in their totality, have nothing to do with making America great, much less better. Any decision by Barr or Mueller will not affect American lives. And the pardoning of Ms. Johnson - whom some believe never revealed the location of hidden drug dollars in the hundreds of thousands -- will not advance any black life in any urban cesspool. No President of the US has ever gone to jail for any crime. And nothing anti-Trump haters like Adam Schiff in CA can say or do will change that history, particularly because anti-Trump haters in Congress are as equally side-tracked and off-track as the American public who sees only what Israeli-American controlled CNN, MSNBC and FOX tell them to look at.

    "The business of America is business", a term first expressed by ultra-Zionist Andrew Lemon during the collapse of the Israeli-American owned banking system in 1929, has today advanced well beyond a few Jews making a few bucks. It now involves the machinations of the American Dept of Defense and the taxpayer cost of the military industrial complex to profit corporations, their CEO's, and elected officials.

    (D/W Redacted), S/A (DoD)

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