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26 Jul 2020, 13:05 PST, 2nd Edition

Special Agent Report: Just the facts

Sunday Afternoon Think Piece: "Chicago is worse than Afghanistan...", con't:

    Someone wrote: "Our president said, "Chicago is worse than Afghanistan". He is correct. But he is also the person who is responsible because, for political animosity, he has done nothing to reduce black people from killing each other in this city. And most of the killings are linked to illegal drug activity."

    Irishman Donald Trump cannot do anything effective because Donald Trump is not only a racist, he has no understanding of black people because he has never wanted to understand them.

    John Kennedy, a different Irishman, was worshipped by black Americans because he had a perfect understanding about race... as did Lyndon Johnson.

    History 101: White racists see all black people as being the same because the only thing they see is skin color. At the same time, while not all white racists believe that having white skin is superior, all white racists to appear to share the belief that anyone who is not white is inferior, in varying degrees, to whites. However, all black people are not the same, nor were they ever the same... which is why black people do not like each other, and why they are killing each other like dogs in cities like Chicago.

    Prior to white countries making slaves of blacks in Africa, Africans made slaves of other Africans, just as whites in early Europe warred against and made slaves of other whites. Slavery in Africa prior to white entry was based on tribal rivalries and physical appearances.

    Over the 400 years of black slavery in the US, blacks were stolen from different parts of Africa. These blacks were different in size, culture and appearance.

    But when blacks were brought to America they were all lumped together according to skin color and not by culture or appearance. This is why, when lumped together, blacks from warring tribes (identifiable to each other by appearance such as skin tone, cranial shape, height, etc.) fought bitterly amongst themselves as they continued their ancestral wars (just as Europeans continued their ancestral wars amongst themselves.).

    Slavery may have compelled blacks from different tribes to toil together in the same fields but white slaveowners could never compel blacks to get along with other blacks who came from previously warring tribes. This is why light-skinned blacks stolen from the northern tribes of Africa were preferred as house slaves, and darker blacks were mostly put in the fields. This arrangement also provoked deep hostilities that grew as white slaveowners interbred with their house "niggers" far more often than they required sex from their field "niggers".

    As the US government gradually slowed then ended the importation of African slaves, white slaveowners devised to maintain or increase their slave populations (due to slave deaths and murders) by interbreedig with their own slaves when they found it difficult to get slaves from different 'tribes' to interbreed in desired numbers. This created an even greater and more divisive dynamic among blacks.

    By the time of the Civil War ended ancestral tribal rivalry and hatred had all but diminished through the efforts of slaveowners to produce a more homogenous work (slave) force, but blacks chose to perpetuate their rivalries and remained divided on the basis of complexion and their limited educational levels.

    Fast forward to today, blacks in America retain their color-based divisions while at the same time adding new reasons to continue warring with each other just as they did long before slavery by whites came to Africa.

    When faced with the growing movement originally led by Malcolm X in 1964 for a massive 'march' on Washington, John and Robert Kennedy, realizing the warring nature between blacks, carefully selected a handful of black 'leaders', all of whom possessed different appearances to form a panel of black leaders that most if not all blacks in the US would find someone on the panel to racially identify with. Doing this allowed the Kennedy Administration to 'take over' the march on Washington, orchestrate its conduct, and get the black attendees out of DC by the end of the day. (Malcolm X had planned the DC march to extend weeks if not months to "shut down the city and its airports" until white racism in the US was curbed.)

    The Kennedy's were precisely correct. No one black leader can possibly bring an end to black on black killings and drug-based gang activity, nor reduce white racism. Trump would need to repeat the Kennedy approach by selecting a group of blacks (who look racially different than each other) to act in unison. But Trump, due to his racism, has no interest in solving the American (and black) race problem by any means other than using racist white police officers to crack black heads... along with white heads participating in protests against killings by white police officers.

    Trump expecting the Chicago mayor to bring about a less violent black community that she promised to achieve in her mayoral campaign speeches is futile. No young black male looking forward to a weekend of killing another black is going to listen to a black female, much less a black dyke.

    (D/W Redacted), S/A Chicago

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