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Sunday Evening Think Piece: "Racism is Hell: Somalia being Trump's Final Racist Act... ":

    War is Hell, but racism has been the root of war anong humans.

    First, let us define the definition of 'Human'.

    Human, today, is the combination of the two 'humanoid' (bi-pedal, learning-brain) Neanderthal and Homo Sapien species that co-survived the Phaerozoniec Era but became separated and envioronmentally evolved differently after the Pleiocestonic Epoch which separated the singular land mass on Earth into widely separated continents. At this time on Earth there were only two sentient, 'humanoid' species. One was Neanderthal. The other was Homo Sapien.

    Both the Neanderthalic and Homo Sapien species of bi-pedal humanoids continued on separately and definitively... until it became possible, through tectonic re-combination of continually shifting land mass dynamics for both species, that were separated by God or 'nature' to again come into contact with each other.

    War on Earth began approximately 100,000 years ago when dark-skinned Homo Sapiens (in Africa) embarked upon their forced or exploratory colonization of (what is now known as) Europe which was inhabited by (now) white-skinned Neanderthals. Skin color was solely determined by how much sunlight (and hair growth) affected certain land masses. While Homo Sapiens moved North despite cold climates, Neanderthals were either too stupid or too satiated in their currently colder and more hostile climate to migrate South into a warmer climate.

    Homo Sapiens from the warmer climate who intelliegently harvested and cultured a consistent animal protein source were uniquely intelligent, but very small creatures... while Neanderthals who ate whatever they could clumsily find or capture were incredibly stupid, but very large creatures. Homo Sapiens possessed the superb gift of an ever-convoluting, protein-enriched brain that could resolve almost any Earthly challenge. Neanderthal's, possessing protein-deficient brains, were unable to convolute, and therefore create more surface-area tissue to increase their capacity for growing memory cells to be recalled at-will as utilizable knowledge.

    While Neanderthals were absent the capability of being smarter they did, however, possess something Homo Sapiens did not... a biological defense against many Earthly pathogens and viruses. Needless to say, in the eyes of God or Will of Nature, it was essential that these two groups meet and combine their DNA to exchange and share their survival capabilities.

    Unfortunately, because Neanderthals were so incredibly stupid and incapable of higher reasoning ability, and Homo Sapiens were so intelligent yet intolerant of stupidity, war begat between the two species that resulted in the extinction of the Neanderthals as a biological race, but continued to the present day as a continued war now between the victorious Homo Sapien species that fights today over the appearance of skin color and not a significant biological difference.

    Neanderthals were stupid. Homo Sapiens are intelligent. But the combination of the two has resulted in a new species: One, a smart human (prioritively Homo Sapien and redundantly Neanderthalic), And two, a stupid human (prioritively Neanderthalic and redundantly Homo Sapien).

    The Neanderthal stupid DNA resides too strongly in too many present day Homo Sapiens... humans. Evidence of Neanderthalic stupidity can be easily seen in their present-day photographed actions. For example, any person possessing a preponderance of Homo Sapien DNA over their Neanderthal DNA will quickly assess that only someone who is incredibly stupid would invade a House of Congress and be photographed in full-face violating multiple laws... i.e., the Neanderthalic perpetrator violating many laws is intellectually incapable of realizing that his or her face is being recorded for future prosecution. In short, the human possessing more Homo Sapien DNA than Neanderthal DNA would say upon viewing newsreel pictures of the recent Capitol insurrection: "How stupid can anyone be to commit a crime on camera???". While the idiot who possesses more Neanderthal DNA than Homo Sapien DNA is saying to himself, "Gee... I'm a hero who will never get caught committing a crime that is being recorded."

    Which takes us to where we are today... Today a human possessing more Neanderthal DNA than Homo Sapien DNA enacted a policy that renders the nation of Somalia virtually a crime against the planet Earth. That human is named Donald John Trump. Today there is no 'smart' or 'stupid' white, black. red or yellow humanoids. Today there are only humanoids possessing more or less Neanderthal DNA... with the Neanderthal-possessors proving themselves to be the curse of human progress.

    Donald Trump comes from a long lineage of stupid Neanderthals who fought and lost their war against the more intelligent Homo Sapiens. The species war that was lost many millennia ago by the Neanderthals, who are now human but still stupid, has been transformed into a skin-color war.

    Donald Trump's father was a member of the KKK who taught and trained his son Donald to believe that anyone who wasn't white-skinned was both inferior and required harsh and brutal extermination. Today, 17 January 2021, Donald Trump declared that Somalia, because it is inhabited and governed by non-whites, must be determined to be an enemy requiring military-level extinction.

    But before Somalia was deemed exterminable by Donald Trump, a non-white human by the name and title of General Colin Powell came to the same conclusion as Donald Trump... proving that ancestral DNA content, and not skin color, was a harbinger of self-destruction.

    Joint Chief of Staff Colin Powell (US Army) had it within his authority to prevent 9/11 and all of the resultant problems in the Middle East, energy crises and current international instability if he had simply accepted the advice he was given in 1992 from a fellow Vietnam War veteran (data that is retrievable from the DEA Watch Archives) to envision Somalia not as a country but as a "land-based aircraft carrier from which any US military operation to stabilize regions both in Africa and the Middle East can by carried out by the US both expeditiously and efficiently."

    General Colin Powell ignored that advice. Instead, Powell sided with anti-black racists serving in the US military and State Dept to view Somalia as a terrorist threat to the Free World... a threat that did not exist in any shape or form, except in the minds of white supremacist racists.

    Today, Donald Trump, in one of his final acts to continue the racist legacy of his KKK-member father, Fred Trump, declared Somalia and enemy of the United States.

    Understand that more Somalians (1741), for decades, have spoken American English longer than Israelis (1947), Guamanians (1941) and Puerto Ricans (1898). If there was any nation that more warranted American statehood or even American foreign aid, it is Somalia. And had General Colin Powell sought to incorporate Somalia into the US sphere in 1993, 9/11 and every threat to the United States originating from the Middle East and the continent below since, would not have occurred.

    It need not be recalled that JFK ended the Cuban threat in 1961 during the Cuban Missile Crises, but Donald Trump also today re-instated Cuba as a national security threat to the United States... when if fact Cuba's greatest asset to the US is only being the largest historical legacy of Detroit MI, and the US technological revolutions... a US auto-industry production archive.

    White racism and white supremacy, and not foreign terrorism, exists as the greatest threat to American national security.

    Somalia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, Taiwan and eventually Canada (with agreement from England) should be scheduled for future American statehood. The only problem that has prevented any of these countries from becoming US states has been white racism.

    Again, more Somalis speak American English than any non-white country on our planet. Somalia's geographic structure as a 'land-based aircraft carrier' remains a Manifest Destiny necessity of the United States if the democratic goals of the American Founding Fathers is ever to achieve global success.

    Donald J. Trump, along with his deceased KKK father, are an impediment to human victory over Neanderthalic stupidity. Donald Trump and all that he has destructively caused must be terminated with extreme prejudice if human... true Homo Sapien survival... and all that will evolve into the future, are to occur as God intended...

D/W Note: The author, known to DEA Watch, has requested anonymity.

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