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06 Apr 2020, 10:05 PST, 2nd Edition

Special Agent Report: Just the facts

Wednesday Morning Think Piece: "When QE2 dies... ":

    When Queen Elizabeth II passes global television will devote a lot of attention to the late 19th Century and full 20th Century history of our world. Huge blocks of broadcasting will focus on the great people and events that shaped our various cultures today. However, the one subject of the last Century that will most likely escape a critically necessary review will be the growth and saturation of illegal drug use that began with military medical experimentation in the first half of the 20th Century and migrated into society-wide common use during the second half of that Century.

    Although marijuana was never considered or experimented with by military doctors as a possible medicinal in any war, the myth that marijuana possesses some indefinable medical use has blossomed to its current proportion as a commonly held false belief. But cocaine, derivatives of meth, heroin and opium were not only frequently experimented with by military doctors during World War's I and II, but have since been integrated, and indisputably harmfully, into the legitimate medical system of our nation even though the medical use of these drugs that were designed solely for last-measure battlefield applications have no more constructive use in civil society than the light-weight AR-15 rifle developed exclusively for the jungles of Vietnam and now considered to be the favorite American home protection device.

    Variations of meth were developed for the purpose of enhancing soldier-performance in combat. Derivatives of cocaine, opium and heroin were developed for use as combat wound pain killers, with morphine drugs later created for the sole purpose of combating the addiction patterns caused by them. All three of the above are now drugs used more on the street and in the home than on the battlefield.

    Post WWI derivatives of ergot, such as LSD, were experimented with by our military not to enhance our soldier's performance on the battlefield, but to reduce the combat capability and performance of enemy armies. Ergot derivatives are now commonly used as recreational drugs despite their well-known high risk level.

    The need for these various but dangerous drugs may have become a necessity during 20th Century warfare because the new nature of war itself required them during and after WWI. It was WWI that ended the sword, dagger and spear (blade-caused) 'bleeding out' of men on the battlefield that left the prostrated wounded on the ground to die over an agonizing period of hours, days or even weeks. The increased use of explosives to destroy enemy troops not only disintegrated soldiers in an instant, the need to create motivational drugs to increase the performance or courage in soldiers knowing they might face instant obliteration became a requirement because fewer soldiers getting less sleep to survive on a battlefield were needed to produce victories that very large numbers once required. (Note: Very recently the US Army ceased including bayonet training.)

    Due credit for the migration of battlefield substances into civil society must be given to military doctors and supply-chain officers who quickly discovered after WWI, and with acceleration after WWII, that post-service military patient addictions caused by pain and mood-suppression drug use could be highly profitable when distributed to civilians who's only pain and suffering were due to job unavailability or the abrupt resignation of a lover... two plentiful conditions that grew during the Roaring Twenties and came to a apex with the Great Depression that imposed its hardship more sternly on WWI veterans.

    The 20th Century will go down in human history as the Chemical Abuse Century. More Americans lost their lives and livelihoods from chemical abuse than the increase in technological advancement. And during the 20th Century less money and law enforcement was expended to combat the most dangerous threat to human society than any other social problem.

    'Drug War' law enforcement failed during the 20th Century simply because many of the people put into executive positions to wage the drug war instead profited from it. Just as the greatest loss of national secrets were delivered by Americans employed in our FBI, CIA, NSA and military were hand-delivered to enemy nations for personal gain or profit, our nation's drug war has been sabotaged by both elected and appointed executives who saw more money in allowing the distribution of dangerous drugs than protecting American society.

    And it is the wealthiest American families today, not to mention the Sackler family, etc., who possess the best opportunity to wash illegal drug dollars entering their corporations unseen... whereas the corrupt low- or mid-level LE worker can only attribute any new wealth they come into from a generous aunt who suddenly died and left them a substantial inheritance... a bogus claim that usually goes uninvestigated by the LE worker's managers.

    All of the best of the 20th Century will be celebrated during the expected ceremonies and publicized reflections of the era of QEII upon her upcoming passing, while the greatest, single-most failure that matured over the course of her Century as one of the, if not the, longest serving leader of a nation in human history also witnessed not only the degradation of the individual human spirit, but the rationalized legalization for the cause.

    Stand by for the documentaries and historical retrospectives that will celebrate the pageantries but ignore the despicable roots...

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