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Special Agent Report: Just the facts

    If you were a person of very low intellect who listened to Donald Trump's speeches over the last week you would walk away believing that the cocaine recently found in the White House was left there by Hunter Biden who was allowed by his father to stand in the Visitor's Entry of the White House wearing a full-length trenchcoat that inside hung an assortment of stolen watches and dime-bags of cocaine. Donald Trump is the Master of the Spoken Lie... but he didn't originate that title.

    That title was originated in 1858 by Presidential candidate Stephen Douglas who repeatedly went on stage to spread any and every vicious, malicious, Sadistic, cruel and evil lie his warped brain could concoct against Abraham Lincoln. Other rabidly Conservative presidential candidates would mimic Douglas' strategy in future elections.

    Easily remembered by most everyone alive today, will be The Big Lie told by George W. Bush family members and supporters who hoped to persuade every wife in America who had been cheated on by her husband that it was Al Gore and not Bill Clinton who had a history of cat-chasing. So many women believed the Bush Big Lie about Gore that even Mothers Against Drunk Driving announced their support for George W. Bush and cast aside their decades-old crusade against any and all drivers who got behind a steering wheel after drinking far more than they should have. MADD portrayed the Gore marriage as a spouse-cheating lie, and the Bush marriage as the greatest union since Jesus' mom and dad tied the knot... Gore failed to convince the women of America that it was his boss with the long history of wife cheating and not himself. Gore lost his election to the female vote.

    In his next election George W. Bush used the same strategy. Himself a war coward and draft-dodger, Bush's most viral lie was to persuade Americans that his opponent who volunteered to serve in Vietnam where he was awarded three Purple Hearts and the only medal awarded for personal valor, the Silver Star medal, was the real coward. Bush's lie repeated his success with MADD. This time it would be the Medal of Honor Veterans Society who came out in support of their mirror opposite. There is no medal for being a yellow-belly coward, but if there were it's direct opposite would be the Medal of Honor. John Kerry refused to defend himself to Bush's lie... and he lost his election. It would be three weeks after his loss that the US Navy Inspector General finally concluded his nine-month investigation into Kerry's Vietnam War awards, a deliberately delayed investigation that could and should have taken no more than a single day... the IG reported, almost silently, that all of Kerry's awards were valid and above question.

    Then came the war against Iraq. For a third time Bush employed the same Stephen Douglas strategy, this time against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Enlisting the help of the Islamic world's greatest pariah, Israel and it's mega-deceitful intelligence apparatus, Bush convinced Americans that Saddam was secretly building weapons of mass destruction to destroy the US. Having a spineless UN Director, Kofe Annan, and an equally spineless Secretary of State, Colin Powell both contribute to Bush's Big Lie allowed the invasion of Iraq to proceed. And because Saddam refused to allow UN investigators to rampage through his wife's linen drawers or his country's baby food factories looking for documents on how to poison a country, there were only a handful of countries on our planet who decried that allowing a nation-invasion precedent to happen on totally absent evidence would be horrible for the world. Now Russia, North Korea and China are expressing it is now their turn to invade another's territory for profit. (It would be thirty-two years later when the mothers living in the US, the most industrialized nation on Earth, came to realize just how important it was never to disrupt baby food production. A dozen American babies died in 2022, many thousands would have died in Iraq had Saddam allowed the UN to shut down food production while the slow-moving UN investigators searched to find nothing but baby food.)

    Then came the Big Lie against Barack Obama spoken by Donald Trump, the chief attacker for John McCain and Mitt Romney in his two elections. Trump's Big Lie that Obama was not born in the US gave birth to the still intense MAGA insurrectionist movement today. Obama's Big Failure, like Gore's and Kerry's failures, was to not get out front of the Big Lies against them by using fact-based evidence to prove against the lies. It would be another four years before Obama finally got off his butt to release his birth certificate that he should have released on the first day Trump's lie was spoken in 2007. The only thing that saved Obama's electoral victories was the fact that both McCain and Romney publicly not only refused to endorse Trump's Big Lie, they both, being morally honest Americans, refuted the lie.

    Abraham Lincoln saved his two elections against the horrific lies spread by Stephen Douglas and his supporters simply by appearing on stage either with or immediately after Douglas lied. Lincoln's words failed to stop Douglas from lying, but he succeeded twice in refuting the lies. Two other president's faced with the same ultra-right wing smear campaign also chose to adopt the Lincoln Rule by immediately and pervasively shouting down the lies being spread about them. One president was FDR, The other was Bill Clinton. Both got their truths out early and repeatedly.

    Hunter Biden did not leave a bag of cocaine in the White House, despite what Donald Trump is saying. Hunter has failed, however, by not immediately proceeding to the nearest Naval Hospital to have his blood tested for cocaine... a test that would prove Hunter could not possibly be blamed.

    Abraham Lincoln, the First Lincoln Lawyer, provided instruction on how victims of career-shattering lies should and must fight back... immediately and frequently. When victims of lies stupidly refuse or fail to fight back the world and not just themselves gets harmed.

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