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Special Agent Report: Just the facts

    The 'lynch mob' began in mid-1600's, northeastern America during a period when females were officially ruled property of their fathers or husbands.

    Young, unmarried females where 'sold' or traded by their fathers to the sons of neighboring fathers or men who could offer property items in exchange for them. Young women who opposed being mated with a male not of their choosing or liking were deemed "witches" or "daughters of Satan", and punished in a variety of ways if they continued to resist the wedding ceremony. Many times their resistance led to their deaths, but in a number of instances women who succeeded in fleeing their homes and villages to risk life in the wilderness, if not capture by native Americans, assisted in providing sanctuary to those who chose to flee.

    It didn't take long for trappers or other vagabond men who came upon the secluded sanctuaries of women who fled into the wilderness to 'sell' their locations to a nearby village that quickly assembled men to launch an attack on the isolated women and burn them in their tree-branch shacks if they could not succeed in dragging the women by their hair back to their town.

    But the assembling of attacking men didn't come about by word-of-mouth in villages as some might assume. The marauding attackers assembled only when the anger and rage at their former familymember(s) who fled was fueled by their local newspaper that printed daily stories, mostly lies, about activities such as Satanic rituals or anti-Christian lesbian orgies occurring among the women who distanced themselves from their former families and towns.

    After reading daily reports of the 'God-less' conduct of 'witches covens', it would not take many days for virtually every member of a town to call for blood and demand the worst and most horrific punishment for women who, in reality, were simply maintaining their own tiny farms and livestock for survival. Most if not all of the women continued to maintain their Christian beliefs.

    Gradually the attacks on isolated women re-focused on women who never fled their village but still chose to express their belief in having a say in their husband's decisions and lifestyle. Husbands and fathers who decided that it would be more convenient to target their family females, or a female who spurned their sexual advances, as a 'witch' or worse deliberately fed lies to news providers in order or solidify a consensus of hatred against their target... rumor-mongering on a literal level. The former raiding parties that went out to slaughter 'witches covens' quickly transformed into lynch mobs to target women and girls inside their communities. Thousands of women were permanently mutilated if they survived. Many more died. It is now known that more females died at the hands of white 'lynch mobs' between 1650 and 1840, than died at the hands of native Americans seeking scalps for having their lands invaded by European immigrants.

    Today the 'lynch mob' still operates as it did in early America. News agencies continue to slant hatred toward a particular group, which in turn, riles up the reader into a frenzy to take or approve the most viscous response. We saw that response during the year leading up to the invasion of Iraq when the Bush White House spent every day releasing lies about Iraqi horrors being inflicted on its own citizens and others... and all of the alleged reports of horrors were originated by Israeli intelligence groups who deemed Saddam Hussein, because he owned an Arab military in the regain, as being the single, greatest threat to global peace.

    Not a single member of the Bush Administration told the truth about Saddam Hussein or Iraq not being a threat to the US or the region. And it wasn't until a man known to be a career 'yes man' in exchange for promotions since his first 'yes man' assignment (and promotion from Captain to Major as a reward) in Vietnam made a second tour of duty there serving as the Pentagon PIO whose job was to minimize and sanitize the My Lai Massacre.

    Colin Powell, since then becoming a four-star general and now Secretary of State, sat before the UN and knowingly falsely declared that Iraq was illegally attempting to acquire 'yellow cake' for the purpose of constructing a nuclear bomb. It was at the moment of Powell's lie the American 'lynch mob' was created on a national scale. Every news organization painted Iraq as the greatest threat to world peace. And Iraq had no friends in Moscow or Riyadh because both Russia and Saudi Arabia wanted Iraq's oil off the market so that their oil prices would triple... and they did.

    Today the American 'lynch mob', fueled again by Israeli intelligence and Jewish-dominated news agencies are flooding the airways and newsprint with slanted, one-sided stories designed to both approve and carry out the most savage attacks on the people of Gaza. One MSNBC reporter today railed about an "Israeli baby" being carried in a casket for burial after being mercilessly decapitated. But the photo shown during the report was the casket of an adult. Before being axed by Twitter an honest Israeli reporter described that infant's decapitation as coming from an explosion... not a machete-wielding Hamas 'terrorist'.

    Americans love a lynch mob. We have used them for generations. First against our white women who only wanted to be treated as human beings. Then against our slaves and former slaves who only wanted to live on this planet as human beings. Now we are using the lynch mob to destroy whole civilizations, just as the ancient nomadic Jews used when they obliterated countless people in their homes and villages.

    Once upon a time, not more than a year ago, the American public raged against Russian missiles aimed at Ukrainian hospitals and orphanages where children and babies sheltered. Today the American public doesn't blink (as in Israeli-American Antony Blinken) an eye after Israel, in keeping with its ancient 4,000 year-old Holocaustal war policy, shuts off water and electricity needed to keep children and the ill in Gaza alive.

    (D/W Redacted), (D/W Redacted)

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