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09 Feb 2022, 12:35 PST, 3rd Edition

Special Agent Report: Just the facts

Friday Morning Think Piece: "Predicting America's Political Future: From the 14th to the 22nd... ":

    If the upcoming decision by the Robert's Supreme Court repeats it's practice of abrogating past precedent or re-interpreting the purpose and intent of previous law by opinionizing or weasel-wording a legalistic excuse to nullify the tenets of the 14th Amendment, allowing Donald Trump's insurrectionist plan and behaviour to be voided, our nation can count on the Presidential election of 2028 to suffer from the same redefining should Donald Trump somehow win the election this year and return to the White House.

    We can be assured that in 2028 Donald Trump will seek to re-interpret the 22nd Amendment, will prevents a President being "elected" for a third term. The word "elected" is operant here because Donald Trump, who's brain works solely in his self-interest, will falsely claim that because his two presidencies were not consecutive, the Constitution allows him to seek a second 'consecutive' term.

    That argument will be shot down by everyone but the Supreme Court if its current makeup exists in 2028. However, Trump will have a fall-back plan...

    Trump's fall-back plan will simply be to fully support his Vice President, whomever that person may be, to seek the presidency in 2028 on the condition that he, Trump, be selected as that candidate's VP. Then, if Trump's former VP becomes President that person will shortly thereafter resign the presidency... allowing the current VP, Trump, to ascend to the presidency.

    Because the 22nd Amendment specifically states that no president who has completed two full terms can be "elected" -- there's that word again -- after completing a second term in office, the 22nd will not apply to a former two-term president who is currently serving as Vice President because the Constitution also states that it is the VP who immediately ascends to President due to a resignation... or death... of the 'elected' President.

    Under this scenario Donald Trump can repeatedly become president again and again simply by gaining election as VP, them acquiring Presidential title when his conspiratorial co-candidate who was elected President resigns so that Trump can, again, become President...

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