DEA Watch Think Piece: Okay... so what's so great about Christmas?


Special Report: Just the facts

25 Aug 2002, 12:18 PST, 1st Edition

Wednesday Evening Think Piece: Okay... so what's so great about Christmas?

      With reference made to a point raised by a writer today I would like to add that we are, in fact, involved in a religious war, and we have been in a religious war since time immemorial.

      Ever since the struggling Jewish minority in the Middle East lured Romanic Anglicans and Christians from Britain and Europe to embark upon the first and many succeeding Crusades that began almost a Millennium ago (1095-1099... and all succeeding Crusades that followed were equal failures and not successes), there has been a war between allied Jews and Christians versus Islam. Tis a pity that no "New Testament" Christian recalls from Scripture that the same Angel (Gabriel) who told Joseph and Mary to flee Israeli customs officials (2003 BC) was the same Angel who delivered the Koran to Muhammed, the acknowledged father of Islam (delivered by Gabriel to Muhammad approx 610 AD).

      My salutations to the 17:49 writer who made the clear distinction between "New Testament Christians" and Judao-Christians aka "Born Again" Christians.

      I think that it is very important, given we are now deep into in the Christ-mas Season, we fully understand what Christianity really is, and that there are two types of Christianity... there are 1) Judao-Christians and there are 2) New Testament Christians.

      Judao-Christians are Old Testament "Christians" and paddified Jews mask-a-raiding as a new generation of Christians, aka "Born Again Christians". New Testament Christians are true Christians. Judao-Christians extend their Biblical research and application of life to the Old Testament. New Testament Christians exclusify their lives to the teachings of the New Testament. An easy way to differentiate the two is simple... Judao-Christians accept and practice killing as a means of resolving differences between men... True Christians do not. (The significance of True Christianity is that it called for an end to Sacrifice, and more importantly, human Sacrifice.)

      Judao-Christians (commonly referred to as "Born Again Christians" or "Rapture Christians") are those who accept Christ as real but only within the bounds of ancient Jewish history as Jewish history claims Jesus as only one of their many misguided and false prophets erroneously claiming to be their Savior... according to the official Biblical timelime. Two good examples of this Faith are our pre-eminent supervisors George Bush and John Ashcroft. Although George and John both profess to be "Born Again Christians" they are more Jewish than Christian because they only accept Christ as part of the Jewish timeline in patronage to our country's large Christian voting population. But when it comes down to making military and policy decisions both are more Punitively Old Testament than Mercifully New Testament. (If you attend John Ashcroft's Bible studies, as I have, you will quickly ascertain that General Ashcroft preaches more Jewish history than he preaches Christian history. Also, George Bush's infrequent church visits have all been presided over by Judao-Christian clergy who lecture predominantly from the Old Testament.)

      Another point I wish to complain about is the overt and subliminal references in DEA Watch to Angels every Christmas season by some of its writers. As a True Christian who studies only Genesis and the New Testament, I object to the continuous references to 'benevolent' Angels on this website. Angels are far from 'benevolent'. Every sincere student of Angelic history has quickly realized that Angelic involvement in human history renders them as a**holes more than friends.

      Hark, was it not an Angel who corrupted Adam through his slutty wife, Eve? As the Bible dutifully records it was Angels who screwed human women to create a race of mutants that God had no alternative but to flood the entire planet to get rid of them and their ilk. And it was an Angel who instrumented Christ's death. It's all in the Bible for anyone to read.

      God created Angels solely to be his Special Agents interfacing Himself between us. Whenever God needed a killing he sent an Angel. Think about it. Would you ever really want to meet an Angel? Angels aren't just bad news when delivering bad news, they are horrific news. Every human involvement with an Angel, according to the Bible, has had awesome, Earth-shattering impact on Humanity. Angels are the Supreme Bag and Hit men of the universe. And who can blame them for the truly tremendous job they possess. Angels have only one mission in their total existence... do what they are told to do. We humans have been granted greater responsibility than Angels possess. We were given Souls... Angels don't have souls. We were given Choice. Angels don't have the privilege of making a choice. God stripped Angels of Choice after they chose to bang our women (pre-Flood). (Being immortal, Angels have no need to reproduce as we do... hence, sex was something they should have known not to indulge in. Bottomline, Choice was removed from their DNA.)

      The only good thing about Angels is that we can order them to f**k off either when their evil or well-intended intervention interferes with whatever personal plans or desires we make for ourselves, We do this simply by telling them to stop, or by prefacing our mental wish with the words, "The power of Christ compels you..." It's that easy!

      Many thanks to God who ruled after The Flood that Angels could no longer pork our females or remain anywhere they were ordered to leave. Even the Fallen Angels must obey this rule. It's all in the Bible.

      Saddam Hussein has never been to America. The Christian thing to do would be to provide him that learning experience... Naaaaah! Our Judao-Christians are too evil and a**holish to permit that! Judao-Christians would rather torture Saddam...


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