DEA Watch Think Piece: Things Ameche


Special Report: Just the facts

17 Nov 2002, 15:01 PST, 2nd Edition

Sunday Morning Think Piece:
"Things Ameche"

      Since Asa Hutchinson arrived with his PR assistants to use our agency to advance his career prospects our agency began hemorrhaging.

      In the year-plus-change since Asa Hutchinson's arrival we have lost more Special Agents than we lost during the entire eight years of Bill Clinton.

      However... things Ameche.

      There are major things in the works to make our agency a better place. These things do not include Asa Hutchinson. They include you and me, no professional suits or politicians involved.

      I would encourage everyone who is awaiting a transfer to another agency to withdraw their transfer, ASAP. I would encourage everyone who is planning to retire out of anger to hold off.

      DEA is a truly great agency. We will become a more important agency in the near future because all of our national security problems are becoming very directly related to the nature of our congressional charter.

      Phill, this part is for you but please do not slice it. I want all of this published, as per my one/sixth Wise Man privilege. Bro, I want to thank you for asking me the question on 22 Sep 2001 how will the Taliban finance their war. I answered you, "opium". Your question and my answer went directly to the origin of our total national security problems. I knew that when you asked me that question you had already figured out where the root of 99% of our internal and external problems lay. America's greatest threat is not Saddam Hussein. Our greatest enemy is Danny the Drug Dealer. Oil money isn't financing our enemies. Drugs are. End the drug money and we have ended the ability of terrorists to finance their operations.

      Because the president of the United States wants everyone to think that the source of all the world's problems are centered in Baghdad, Iraq he has given lukewarm attention to the drug money problem for the simple reason that he is afraid that his past abuse of illegal drugs will one day come to surface in a way, and by people, he cannot suppress. Instead, he has distracted and diverted all of our defensive resources into combating terrorism by way of an attack on Iraq. Iraq was never the source of international terrorism. Iraq is not involved in drugs. Not a single drop of Iraqi oil helped to buy weapons or food for the terrorists threatening us. Not a single Iraqi pilot training center was used by the terrorists who flew our planes into our Trade Towers. The terrorists who struck our country on September 11th, 2001 received their training in two countries. Those two countries were Afghanistan and the United States. The financing for their basic training and operating expenses came from the sale of Afghanistan opium.

      Follow the money.

      Stop the money and terrorism is stopped.

      Mr. Walters is the only person in the White House who has gotten the message. Mr. John Walters clearly understands the true nature of the threat we face. His innovative television commercials, a long time coming, are finally addressing the core of the problem and financing. His office needs more money and more clout to air more television announcements that tell the individual drug user that he and she alone are financing our enemies and perpetuating our national security nightmares. Phill, you have been to the White House. You have worked with four presidents. You know how things work and why things fail to work. More than ever, DEA Watch is needed to continue allowing reasonable voices in DEA to tell all of our people the true nature of the threat to our free and democratic way of life. Please, don't let me hear anymore talk about turning DEA Watch over to someone else. Agents from every agency communicate with DEA Watch because they trust DEA Watch. That trust has been building for six long years. I believe that, although their names are unknown to me, I am speaking for my five Wise Men brothers when I say that no matter what we read in The Watch we know that the words typed by those who get published have meaning, purpose and are in the best interest of our country.

      The Bush Administration is taking our country down a path too bitter to contemplate. The president's words and policies have us chasing after the wrong people and making enemies out of friends. We have been moved far beyond the role of being the arsenal of democracy and the international peacekeeper to conqueror and colonizer. The American clock has been moved back from the spirit of 1776 to ancient Rome and ancient Greece. The roles of our generals are changing from Pershing and Eisenhower and to Alexander and Genghis Khan. The moral challenges and decisions each individual member of the federal law enforcement community has crossed the line. "Truth, Justice and the American Way" has been replaced for "Dead or Alive"... You are either be with us and alive or against us and dead.

      It is true that things do change, but change is supposed to be for the better, not for the worse. Conqueror nations who created false justifications for war have ultimately been conquered themselves. I do not want to even contemplate our great country being conquered. But if we take the path of conqueror it is that path that we shall be taken down. Throughout the history of Man conquerors are conquered and democracy's survive. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      We borrowed from the democratic history of Rome to establish America and make it great, admired and emulated. Now, under our present, aggressive leaders, if we do as they say and take from the land-acquisition and culture-demolishing history of Rome we imperil not only our future but the world's future.

      Since the end of the Vietnam War to the inauguration of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush our country was at relative peace, notwithstanding Jimmy Carter taking Henry Kissinger's advice to permit the Shah of Iran to obtain medical attention in our country. When president Carter made the fateful mistake of listening to the man who led another president, Richard Nixon, down a path of continued war our country suffered its greatest setback since the Great Depression. More Americans died in Vietnam under the four years Henry Kissinger advised President Nixon than during all the fourteen previous Vietnam involvement years combined. After Carter, When Reagan and Bush (1) came to power we became entangled in repeated, back-to-back military involvements. Bush (1)'s election involved us even deeper... including our first military "drug war" against Panama's elected leader whom abundant evidence proved conspiracy (albeit unprosecutable) between our current president's father who was president when we invaded Pamana but was VP and chief administrator to Manuel Noriega's CIA account. (Needless to remind anyone, our president's father was also the CIA chief in charge of another client, then Colonel Saddam Hussein, whom our current president's father via his CIA involvement [G.H.W. Bush was once CIA Director] helped to take over Iraq and assume dictatorial powers.)

      President Clinton proved by his military withdrawal but sustained diplomatic involvement in Haiti and Somalia, that American national security and military prestige were not lost. Neither Haiti nor Somalia today are havens or operating centers for international terrorists. Clinton improved upon Reagan and Bush's military and diplomatic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which led up to the Taliban, Osama bin Laden... and 9/11/01.

      When George Bush (2) was (s)elected many of his opponents feared that it was his father and his father's WW2 generation that would provide the impetus for our foreign policy. Those fears have been actualized. Global conflict, increased military budgets, large numbers of civilian deaths and economic stress reminiscent of WW2 have returned... along with the paranoia and loss of civil freedoms from precaution and surveillance. Today, every American is suspect until proven innocent. No matter who we are we are all being photographed, recorded, monitored, tracked, assessed, analyzed... watched. And that includes those of us who do the watching.

      The three greatest periods for America (and the entire world in its history) occurred at the end of our Revolutionary War, our Civil War and World War II. Domestic freedoms, peace and trust were either established or reestablished. Had we expanded any of those three momentous moments to equalize our women and minorities even greater tranquillity would have abounded. But we didn't. Instead, just like today after eradicating the material terrorist threat in Afghanistan we perpetuate racial and religious antagonisms against a domestic and foreign minority... that makes other minorities in our country fearful... and, in turn, makes our whole society fearful. And a fearful society seeks individual escape using intoxicants that make them forget their fear, but also finances our enemies to the level of inflicting real and lasting pain.

      The Homeland Security Bill will provide no real security because it is a political entity. It is not a security entity. It's civil liberty challenges, alone, will create more anti-Americans than its security regulations will prevent terrorist attacks. This will happen because the one clause the Homeland Security Bill neglected to prohibit was primary school teaching on the subject of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, The Emancipation Proclamation, The Suffrage Act, and the Civil Rights Amendment. As long as young Americans continue to receive primary level education and training on these democratic, civil liberty issues our president's plan to militarily martialize and regimentalize our society toward ongoing, continuous war for the purpose of patronizing his father's World War II memories will only produce the greatest setbacks for the principles established by our Founding Fathers who envisioned peace through diplomacy, not war. What was it Thomas Jefferson originated... "You can catch more flies with molasses than with vinegar."

      On the day our Founding Fathers signed our Declaration of Independence and established the United States of America as Mankind's greatest democratic accomplishment led and controlled by its individual citizens, not by a king, warlord, or strongman, the world of our ancestors kneeled and bowed in heartfelt respect to America... the land of the Free. Not a nation on Earth failed to realize and recognize that the well-being of our entire planet was placed (by God?) in Trust to a single, powerful nation now, and for the first time ever in human history, calling itself "United".

      That spirit cannot change. For as long as our citizenry, military and law enforcement agency operatives retain the education they received about the principles of individual freedom any attempt, by any "democratically" elected leader, will be met with "extreme prejudice" by those who don't personally have to know when something they are told to do is wrong... but they will certainly know it when they are told to do it.

      In droves DEA Special Agents have left our agency because they were told, or anticipated they would be told, to do things they personally and constitutionally found abhorrent. But transferring or retiring and rehiring to another agency is only a temporary, artificial haven. Criminal and unconstitutional demands on principled people follow them wherever they go to seek haven. TSA or any other agency offering a temporary vacation from immoral and/or illegal direction/orders to obey will re-occur as long as the same Administration is giving the immoral or unethical orders.

      Our current president was not "democratically" elected. His "election" was decided by a majority of individuals appointed to the Supreme Court either by his father or by his father's predecessor. Regardless how any of us might try to "spin" this reality it is an indisputable fact.

      There is no "safe haven" in another agency. Transferring to TSA or the new "domestic security agency" soon to be created and announced will not ultimately protect a former DEA S/A or a member of our immediate or extended family, a neighbor or friend, from suffering the ill consequences of a bad Administration that is exploiting conquest and war solely for the purpose of retaining/maintaining itself in "power". What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong... and we, more than any non-law enforcement civilian... knows the difference between right and wrong.

      It was wrong for our Administrator/Director/Administrator to ignore our female S/A's. Okay, so what if they are c**ts. Big deal! If c**ts (or "splittails" as some of us refer to them) are good for exercising our puds and growing babies then they should also be given the same promotions we males get.

      Remember that this is America... regardless of color, faith, sex, d**k size... everyone is equal.

      I started this communication by saying that things will "Ameche"... that is, "change". Today (Don) "Ameche" is vernacular for "change", taken from the film "Things Change", just as "Ameche" was vernacular in the 1940's and 1950's for making a telephone call when our parents (or, for some readers, their grandparents) were circa the movie, "The Alexander Graham Bell Story". King George (Bush) I will understand this vernacular, as will King George (Bush) II. And we must not forget that it is that older generation that we are being degenerated to. The Clinton years told us to look to the future. The Bush years take us back to the past. Our current path will lead us back to the World War II Era that we've already been through. Does America need to win that war twice?

      We need to move forward. And we need our best and brightest Special Agents not to abandon ship but stay with us.

      We are... truly... destined to be a better agency.

      If you look deeply into your own heart you will know this is true. Stop the transfers. Stick with the best.


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