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    I view my being voted Retired Special Agent of the Year 2007 not as a singular achievement but as an honor for having served in a "Company of Heroes" where so many of my teammates deeds of courage were done in the darkness, seldom seen and rarely recorded.

    My teammates and I eagerly looked forward coming to work each day so that we could kick down doors, seize dope and at times fight with some bad guy in a garbage strewn back alley as we cuffed him, testify in court and derive immense satisfaction on the day of sentencing as the miscreant went off for a long stretch in jail.

    My teammates combined audacity, courage and judgment with the virtues of justice, fair dealing and honesty. We were often unorthodox, creative and venturous; impervious to discomfort and fatigue.

    I often thought when a man believes in a great cause, and believes in it so fully he is prepared to defend it with his life, he has achieved nobility not limited by the barriers of time.

    We have passed the DEA guidon to a new generation of warriors/gunfighters confident that these agents will hold the ramparts.

    My teammates had CHUTZPAH for when it came to the choice of a lifetime as a sheep or a day as a lion they chose the day as a lion.

    Frank E. White

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