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    07 June 2021

    Mi Amigos:

    America has been fighting in Central Asia for twenty years. To what end? We perpetuate corrupt, incompetent, and unpopular central governments without bolstering our security. Instead of focusing on problems here in America we created a financial tsunami by dumping too much money, too quickly, into too small an economy with little or no oversight.

    The recent surge in crime and attacks on LEOs threatens the very foundation of our country's strength and our citizen's lives. However, the greatest danger reposes in the disobedience to our constitution and the legitimization of the rule of law.

    In order to provoke a group of people to attack another group you first have to cast dispersion on that group by painting a false narrative as to their character and trustworthiness. Once you can get the group to buy into your lies and believe your falsehoods you can then manipulate them to, at first, verbally attack the other with vehemence and disdain. Once this vehemence and disdain becomes a daily acceptance you can guide your group into physically attacking the other group with a wicked vengeance.

    Street Fighters know that within all of us a battle rages between two lions. One is wicked and the other is righteous. Which beast wins? The one you feed.

    Caught on video: Jacksonville officer attacked in Brooklyn; police say person has been arrested (

    Politicians, journalists and some of our clergies words and actions signaled that disrespect for LEOs is acceptable. Lacking moral courage they have failed to provide an alternative. Troublemakers have developed a distrust of law enforcement and now feel emboldened and justified in attacking LEOs with savage barbarism; hence this unprovoked attack in Jacksonville.

    Semper Fi
    Frank White

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