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      TACTICAL TAKEAWAY -- 12 Apr 2020

    Mi Amigos:

    The NYPD LEO is faced with the dilemma of having to make an instantaneous decision: do I stay as a "Cover Officer" for my partner who is attempting to cuff Lucifer or do I chase the dude who sucker punched me? What do you think?

    Nearly 50 years ago the San Diego Police Department pioneered the concept Contact-Cover Officer after two SDPD officers were KIA. This concept necessitates both officers must work as a team. They must not be hesitant to back off and summon help if and when danger escalates.

    The Contact Officer gives commands, searches the subject's person, car or belongings, hand cuffs, moves suspect, makes the physical arrest, writes citations and handles all radio communications.

    The Cover Officer provides over-watch intervening with deadly force if necessary. The Cover Officer must remain vigilant to crossfire concerns as he positions himself. He must maintain wide scene awareness and protect both he and his partner from violent offenders who may attack out of the crowd. He must constantly scan for danger signs and must not abandon his partner to chase fleeing felons.

    All conversations between officers should only be of a tactical nature. For example, a hand signal known as the "badge scratch" is used when the Contact Officer discovers weapons or narcotics during his search. By simply scratching around his badge he alerts his partner that an arrest is imminent. Always keep in mind the subject may be assessing the situation, planning his actions and waiting for his optimum moment to attack. During the search the Contact Officer must not be either bashful or reluctant to thoroughly search Lucifer's buttocks or crotch.

    Both officers should prepare for the stress of the encounter beforehand through mental imagery, pre-planning, positive self-talk and the total commitment to "win." The proper response to any lethal encounter is "FIGHT."

    We must now ask what has brought about this total disrespect for law enforcement? As I wrote in Street Fighter-Part Fifteen the greatest danger reposes in the disobedience to our constitution and the legitimization to the rule of law.

    Knowing that physical evidence at the Ferguson shooting contradicted the mendacious lies aired 24/7 by the news media, politicians and yes our Department of Justice allowed these fabrications to fester until months later, after the damage was done, they finally provided the truth.

    Lacking moral courage politicians, the news media and our Department of Justice words and actions signaled that disrespect to LEOs was acceptable.

    Troublemakers developed a distrust of law enforcement and felt emboldened and justified in attacking LEOs with savage barbarism.

    Five female news anchors raised their hands and chanted in unison "Hands Up-Don't Shoot" knowing full well this monstrous lie was turning vast sections of our community against law enforcement.

    We have traveled a troubling path from the days of William Boyd. As he closed his television show, "Hop-a-long Cassidy," he talked directly to his young audience. Boyd said, "Keep one thing in mind, don't call him a cop, he's a respected man and we should call him a respected name, a police officer."

    REFERENCE: Blue Lives Matter!

    Semper Fi
    Frank White G/S

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