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      TACTICAL TAKEAWAY #13 -- 18 Sep 2021

    Mi Amigos:

    Street Fighters must visualize several tactical options when caught in a blitz attack so that when things don't go as planned we can quickly implement another tactical option. We all know the distressful reality, we can't train for every possible attack we might face. However, we will prevail if we are able to tailor our response to the specific threat and if we have mastered basic skill sets: marksmanship, movement, communication, failure drills, use of cover and concealment.

    Brevard Sheriff releases video...

    After watching the actions of the two Brevard County Deputy Sheriffs it is obvious we must remain offensive in a gun battle. By keeping eyes on the threat we limit the threat's ability to maneuver on us. By being dynamic we set ourselves up for success so that we can track and kill our attacker. In the last seconds of the Brevard County shootout it would have been better if the deputies had backed off and looked through the passenger side windows which would have afforded them a larger field of vision. The deputies body movement didn't necessarily have to be fast but aligning the sights and putting effective hits into their attacker had to be fast. Chose the correct tactic. Do I move? Do I shoot him again? Where is my partner? Are there multiple attacker? All this while pissing ice water.

    We witnessed in the 11 April 1986 FBI Miami firefight, Platt first established fire superiority and then attacked though his own barrage of bullets killing two FBI agents. Although wounded the Brevard shooter rapidly closed the distance on the deputies. When this happens to you it will come down to making your brain function during one of the most dangerous times of your life. As he closes the distance your body will be fighting against your mind for control. Your mindset must be kill or be killed. This will only come about through a forging built upon painstaking training. Say to yourself I will not die today because I have put in the work. I am going to live till the next moment. Stand there, suck it up and take him out.

    Sixty years ago Jeff Cooper told us to win a gun battle we must be alert, decisive, aggressive, fast, cool and relentless. Let's learn from others in order to find the best in ourselves.

    Semper Fi
    Frank White

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