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      TACTICAL TAKEAWAY #23 -- 11 Jul 2022

    Mi Amigos:

    One Tactical Takeaway from the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. A LEO can be decked out in all the cool guy commando gear, but it means diddley squat absent the fighting spirit.

    The LEO's in Uvalde failed to slow their mind down and take the trek one step at a time. No LEO can function efficiently and effectively if their mind is revolving, rotating, swirling, churned by the wooden stick of anxiety and fear. As a consequence, many children died a horribly, gruesome death.

    This is a pretty thorough review of the shooting: Click Here

    Over 50 years ago I along with my Montagnard troops stood in a jungle clearing waiting for inbound Huey helicopters to pick us up for insertion into a hot LZ to extract the crew of a Huey that had been shot down by the NVA.

    My O-5 sauntered over to me and with a smile said, "Lieutenant if you need a pep talk right now you are in the wrong kind of work, we all know why we are here, so saddle up and get it done."

    Our team had been properly brought along and led. We had a feeling of mutual confidence, a feeling of fellowship, kinship and camaraderie.

    My O-5 possessed serene unshakable faith in us. He projected lofty inspiring calm, firmness along with tempered courage.

    Obviously, leadership and courage were totally absent in Uvalde.

    Semper Fi
    Frank White

    Semper Fi
    Frank White

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