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      TACTICAL TAKEAWAY #24 -- 06 Aug 2022

    Mi Amigos:

    My purpose in writing our Tactical Takeaway series, if a Street Fighter does not know what to expect in a blitz attack, you will be plainly unprepared to cope. Therefore, expectation is the key element. If you cannot cope with a blitz attack, you will be overwhelmed by an onerous mental and physical collapse. Faulty training that fails to prepare you to effectively respond to aggression may cripple your self-confidence and ability to cope.

    In a gunbattle our real enemy is fear and not the bullet. When our mind is gripped by fear our body is captured by inertia which is fear's Siamese twin.

    Gunfighting is about simplicity, speed and accuracy. The more you overcomplicate things, the more room you leave for mistakes. If you make a mistake is a gunbattle it could be the last mistake you make in your life

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    A cunning half smile etched itself on the predator's thin mouth as he fired a single bullet into the Street Fighter. The Street Fighter drew his blaster so quickly the scornful snicker never left the predator's furred jowls

    The Street Fighter's bullet jerked the predator's head back on his shoulders as it tore out the back of his neck in a visceral geyser. The predator kept his feet, stumbling toward the sliding glass door to his left. He dropped to both knees hung up between the glass doors, eyes blinking rapidly, blaster dropping to the deck. He wheezed, his legs jerked, eyelids froze open with a vacant stare.

    After picking up his blaster that he had foolishly dropped in his panicked flight, the Street Fighter saw the predator sprawled in a ragged, rumpled heap, neck twisted at a weird angle, looking as though he was choking on his own blood as he bled out. The Street Fighter realized his luck was on a short leash as he thanked God, he was still alive

    In a gunbattle there is only one rule for survival. One rule, which sometimes means the difference between walking away and being carried away. One rule, which goes deeply into combat strategy: don't stop hitting until they are incapable of hitting you. Gunfights are fast paced, and slow thinkers pay with their lives. You must still that inner voice that fills your mind with doubts and visions of impending death.

    There is a close in fighting system where a Street Fighter's blaster is not fully extended but is held about 12 to 16 inches from the eyes with a notable cant of about 30 degrees toward the weak side. This 30-degree cant is necessary for trying to hold the pistol upright is unnatural and strains the arm. The weak side elbow points straight down while the strong side elbow is at a 90-degree angle. This position is intended for distances between five and thirty feet where most shootings occur.

    Acquiring a sight picture is easy since it is quick to center the front sight in the rear sight notch because the gap appears much wider. Aim using the opposite eye to the hand holding the pistol.

    There are four critical elements to keep the angel of death away from you as you fight for your life in a blitz attack:

    Observance: When you get a feeling or a hunch that blips on your radar screen something ain't right, pay heed. Do not blow if off as same shit, different day.

    Recognition: Henry David Thoreau said: "It's not what you look at that matters, but what you see."

    Resolve: Ask yourself is this an actual threat? What are my options? Do I move to cover, go to gun or remain the gray man and blend into the crowd?

    Tenacity: You may be shot in the course of a gunbattle. The sensation will depend upon where you are hit, the power of the slug that nailed you, the way you are standing, your state of mind and several other variables. Expect pain, breathlessness, and a sensation of impact. Overriding all of this will be a nightmarish sensation of terrifying, unnatural hurt as your body screams to your brain there is something horribly, frightfully wrong with you. Ignore it and keep shooting. If you fall down your attacker will probably put a bullet through your brain bucket before he leaves. Statistically, five out of six LEOs who do get shot live. Never give up, instead act to live. If wounded, do not drop your blaster. Even if you are badly hit by the golden BB you have a few seconds so suck it up and take him out. You must muster every ounce of strength you have to stay in the fight. Front sight, press, front sight, press

    For my DEA Snowcap buddies: Si vas a pelear, pelea como si fueras el terear mono en la rampa al Area de Noah's...y hermano, esta empozando a llover.

    Translation: If you're going to fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark...and brother, it's starting to rain.

    Semper Fi
    Frank White

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