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      TACTICAL TAKEAWAY -- 26 Oct 2020

    Mi Amigos:

    At a recent leadership symposium at my alma mater, The Citadel, as graduates were commissioned to embark upon their journey on the Road Less Traveled they were left with these inspiring words:

      "Most people in life carry a pebble. They put it in their pocket and walk up the mountain without much pain. When they reach the peak, they are content and move on to the next mountain. Then there are those few who carry the boulder. It's heavy. It's painful. You will fall flat on your face and fail. It will push you to your limits and crush you. But when you reach that peak, you will look back on all that you have struggled through, all of the pain and hardship, and you will be filled with a full heart because despite all of the pain and adversity YOU OVERCAME IT.

      There are two types of pain in life, the physical pain that you grow from and the pain of regret. When fate hands you a mirror to reflect on your life, which pain will you feel?

      Take each year, take each day, take each moment that you have the privilege to serve your country to carry the boulder up that mountain. CARRY THE BOULDER."

    In the attached clip this LEO chose to "carry the boulder" in his chosen career for he obviously is in superb physical condition possessing remarkably quick reflexes.

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    Semper Fi
    Frank White

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