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      TACTICAL TAKEAWAY #6 -- 22 Dec 2020

    Mi Amigos:

    Several days ago a retired Chicago firefighter was shot dead by a gang of teenage carjackers. This year alone more than 4,000 people have been shot in Chicago with over 1,400 carjacks; significant because gangbangers use these cars in drive-by shootings. The dead firefighter did not face off against street punks but seasoned killers. Despite jackal prosecutors who tell us fleeing felons pose no risk to the LEO, this fleeing felon as he ran turned to his left and fired the death shot into the fireman's stomach.

    'Chicago police release video of suspects in deadly carjacking of retired firefighter.' - Chicago Tribune

    Situational awareness is often touted as a talisman to counter a blitz attack; however, never assume the predators are going to engage in a protracted surveillance. Their assessment of you as prey may be scant seconds before they attack.

    Readers of DEA Watch must become masters of geometry for gun battles are essentially angles of attack and angles of exposure. By moving and changing the angles you are thwarting your attacker's plan allowing you to either retake or maintain the initiative. Move as soon as you can so that you don't get yourself trapped in a hole where you can no longer move or no longer defend. Only move when it is tactically prudent: to obtain cover or concealment, to regroup, to press the attack, or to retire and fallback. The fireman first switched his bag of popcorn from his gun hand to his support hand and then held onto it with his support hand as he fired. Don't make the same fatal mistake, drop whatever you are holding as you go to your blaster.

    These predators hold life in low regard, particularly yours; are devoid of contrition and are pitiless, merciless and cruel. Predators are not some namby-pamby flimflam Billy Badass troublemakers with drooping pants showing the crack of their ass and a phony teardrop tattoo below the eye.

    There is a time to runaway and a time to fight. A time to unleash hell on the S.O.B. who is trying to kill you.

    Semper Fi
    Frank White

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