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      TACTICAL TAKEAWAY #7 -- 03 Jan 2021

    Mi Amigos:

    The attached video clip is from 5 May 2020. A Missouri LEO was ambushed by a stranded motorist and shot six times in a gun battle that lasted 19 seconds.

    Officer Shot 6 Times Suspect Shot 13 Times - Webster Groves Police - May 5-2020 - YouTube

    DEA Watch readers must become masters of geometry for gun battles are essentially angles of attack and angles of exposure. Angles of exposure can be mitigated by using your vehicle for cover/concealment. The stranded motorist exhibited unusual behavior by opening and closing his door three times. Stop, back up to cover and mentally prepare a response to what may come out of the car. Work the tactical problem with your cover officer. In this instance the cover officer failed to provide safety because he sat on his ass in his patrol vehicle and watched his partner get shot.

    In a gun battle our real enemy is fear and not the bullet. When our mind is gripped by fear, our body is captured by inertia which is fears Siamese twin. Instead become proactive and stop relying solely on your ballistic vest to save you. The predator's muzzle blast probably caused the LEO to close his eyes and turn away. As he back peddled he tripped over his own feet.

    If you find yourself fighting on the ground quickly turn your toe outward so you can get good perpendicular alignment of the sole of your brogan to your attacker's knee, shin or ankle. Drive your kick from the hip, creating space. This kick will propel your attacker away from you. If legally justified, shoot him.

    The Sideways Shuffle Step - Point your hips in the direction of the threat. Simultaneously dig the inside of your trailing foot into the ground and push off. You will gain more traction by turning the knee of your trailing foot inward and use the inside edge of your brogan as a wedge to push off. Pull with the leading foot until the trailing foot catches up. Your steps should be tiny, fast and explosive. Two short lateral steps are better than one long side step.

    Sideways Cross Step - Some LEOs do not like this step because they are afraid of tripping over their own feet. If you practice this step will work. Set up with a low wide base and cross one foot in front or behind the other.

    There are several techniques a DEA Watch reader can use to disengage by moving backwards. The least preferred is a reward step, toe to heel. The problem is eventually your center of gravity will be thrown off. Your hips will override your feet causing you to stumble and fall. In the step and drag method the rear foot steps back as far as possible and drags the forward foot to the rear. Another popular technique, slide one foot back and then the other always maintaining contact with the ground. These techniques should be practiced extensively on uneven terrain.

    In the Missouri shooting some of the responding units coming from the opposite direction should have stopped in lane one. The LEOs would then enter the fight by climbing over the barrier.

    After roll call LEOs should practice their SOP on closing down highways and rehearse team tactics on clearing vehicles.

    In a gun battle we fight then we must determine if we have to continue fighting. The correct protocol is FAST: Fight, Access, Scan, Take Cover, Top Off, Talk and Treat Injuries. If hit, once the area is secure, take a knee, tactical breathe to lower your heart rate and perform a medical self-assessment.

    In the words of Dylan Thomas "do not go gentle into the night, rage, rage against the dying of the light."

    Semper Fi
    Frank White

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