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Collector's Item
FREE to Vietnam War veterans

The Vietnam War Memorial
You Can Carry In Your Wallet

Names compiled by the Department of Defense.
(Text list is downloadable from the Military Casualty Wing of The American War Library:

The Vietnam Memorial Wall Card is a durable plastic, wallet-sized microfiche photo card containing the names of 58,000+ Americans who lost their lives in Vietnam. The Wall Card is clearly readable with any microviewer. Listed are names, ranks, hometowns, DOB, DOD, service branch and the location on The Wall in Washington where each name is displayed.

A limited number [*] of the Wall Card are free ONLY to Vietnam War veterans who served in-country or at sea as per your DD-214 that displays your authorization of the Vietnam Service Medal.


Limit One Per Mailing Address

To obtain a FREE Wall Card you must email or mail an unaltered copy of your DD-214 displaying your authorization of the Vietnam Service Medal [*] and mail an SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) to the address below. (Your DD-214 will verify your Vietnam War service and will be returned to you.):

Vietnam War Wall Card
The American War Library
817 East Via Carmelitos
Suite 319
Long Beach CA 90805-7549

If your DD-214 is already on file at The War Library, simply mail an SASE only.

[*]Family member(s) of personnel listed on The Wall may provide a copy of the decedent's military Certificate of Casualty in lieu of a DD-214 which is not issued for KIA's.

NOTICE: The Wall Card is NOT available for personal pickup. You MUST make your request by mail.


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