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The Richard Roland Bradley
American Military Family Wing

Accessible on The G.I. Museum of Honor (Established online 04 July 1988)

      Specialist Fourth Class Bradley cut his enemy-acclimation teeth going toe-to-toe against the Soviet military and KGB while serving in the famous Berlin Brigade in Germany (the last remaining post-WW2 unit authorized the Occupation Service Medal for its strategic and first-line of defense operational status that produced popular feature films such as "Night People" starring Gregory Peck) prior to his serving in Vietnam as a Light Weapons Infrantryman, courageous tunnel rat and machine gunner. Among Bradley's many awards he is authorized the Combat Infantryman's Badge and two Purple Hearts for wounds received in man-to-man combat. His combat courage was unexcelled and given the highest respect of his unit members. He embodies our Nation's combat ideal that Americans are never out-gunned and never out-fought.

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