"We loaned you our boys and girls to fight and die freeing you...

We didn't say you could
keep them forever!"

      It's Time To Bring Home Every American
      left over there... NOW!


      Every war 'til now soldiers were buried where they fell.
      For a lot of reasons... that was necessary.

      But times have changed. Things are different.

Back then, the money, technology and resources needed to bring home every American soldier, sailor, airperson and Marine didn't make it possible. Now we have the money, technology, resources... and the need.

Our sons and daughters,
brothers and sisters,
aunts and uncles,
fathers and granfathers
belong back home with their families.
They didn't go over there to stay.
Their home is here!
Let's bring them home!

"There is no place
like Home"

There is nothing comparable to returning home. Every GI who went "Over There" believed that, no matter what, they would be brought home. We broke our promise to bring them home. We need to restore Faith in every American. We need to assure our kids in uniform today that, no matter what, they will never be forgotten... and they will never be left alone and kept away from their families.

A Nation that can invent the light bulb giving the world sight... create the telegraph and telephone giving the world speech... assemble the airplane giving the world flight... and put a man on the moon giving the world a united and collective Spirit of Humanity... can give shelter and love to its own warriors who went in harms way so that others were given Freedom.

We can talk about this forever and still come to the same rightful decision and conclusion.
It's time to bring our American family together...
it's time to bring our family members home.

Every American has an ancestor who comes from across the Atlantic or from across the Pacific. Every American family rooted in Europe or Asia did its part for their ancestor's homeland. Now it's time for payback. Now it's time for Europe and Asia to give us back our loved ones.

We all came from Over There. Now we want our family members we sent back Over There to come back Over Here.

Americans have always fought for the 'little guy'. It's time we fought for our own. We need to roll up our sleeves... and fight if we must...
to bring our kids home.
It's time for YOU
to make that happen!

YOU are America.
YOU decide what your Representative in Congress makes happen.
YOU can bring our kids home by demanding your Representative make their return happen.

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