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Death of bin Laden & other Free National Security Event Certificates
(This Information Site is Continually Updated.)

The Certificate marking the death of Osama bin Laden has been prepared for archival insertion into your personnel file in recognition of your service during the Event period. This black-and-white archive-copy Certificate is free and may also be framed for display in your home or office. Intended recipients of this Certificate are military, department, and agency personnel operating in any public security or anti-terrorist capacity between 11 Sept 2001 and 01 May 2011. [See Footnote]

The full-size (8in by 11in) Certificate can be downloaded 24/7 from The American War Library. Library access information is here:

Upon accessing The Library after logon follow these simple Instructions:

  • 1. Select "Unit/Vessel/School Awards" from the Main Menu
  • 2. Select "Personnel File PDF's of Unit Awards"
  • 3. Select "National Security Event PDF's" section

Other National Security Event and Alert Certificates available from this Section:

  • Cuban Missile Crises
  • Bay of Pigs
  • Tonkin Gulf
  • 09/11 Al Queda Attack
  • Fall of the Soviet Union
  • Invasion of South Korea
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Pearl Harbor Attack

Other free Archive-Copy Certificates will be added periodically, or upon request.

Other medal, badge and certificate Issue Regulations are here:

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FOOTNOTE: Because this Archive Edition does not display the name, rank or status of an authorized eligible recipient provided in the full-color Recipient Edition, collectors are invited to obtain this Archive Edition to preserve as an important hallmark in American and world history.