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Help Congress To Help Veterans

The new (112th) Congress has been installed. The new Chairperson's of the House and Senate Veterans' Affairs Committees have been designated as:
HOUSE: Chairman Jeff Miller, Republican (Florida)
SENATE: Chairwoman Patty Murray, Democrat (Washington)

The official biographies of both House and Senate chairpersons named above reveals that although both have long histories of supporting military and veterans issues, neither has served in the United States military. But this is not a bad thing because sometimes the best protectors of veterans have been individuals who never wore the uniform. However, it is not a good thing that at this time the number of military veterans serving in both houses of Congress is the lowest in American history. In the future more veterans MUST personally seek to become public representatives in both the House and Senate.

For this reason it becomes more necessary than ever before for EVERY American veteran to make sure that you communicate your veteran-related concerns to the Veterans' Affairs Committees as they will be making all of the decisions about veteran's issues, benefits, services, access and honor.

Write letters frequently to the Committees to tell them how you feel about ANY issue affecting veterans. Provided below are the mailing addresses of both committees. The cost to you to tell these committees your feelings and concerns is the mere price of a first-class stamp.

Even if you have no concerns at the moment to tell the Committees you should, once in a while, send them a letter to remind them that you are monitoring their activities both in the news media and on their websites:

Help these Committees to Help Veterans. Write them often. Tell them what they should do to help the men and women who wore the uniform to maintain our world's leading advocate and sponsor of Democracy here at home and abroad. The Committee's mailing addresses are:

House Committee on Veterans' Affairs
335 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs
412 Russell Senate Building
Washington D.C. 20510

Your ORDERS are as followed:

1. Purchase a book of 20, 1st-Class stamps from your local PO or supermarket

2. Affix 10 stamps to envelopes addressed to The House Veteran's Affairs Committee. Affix 10 stamps to envelopes addressed to The Senate Veteran's Affairs Committee

3. Place these 20 stamped and addressed envelopes in a readily accessible location, along with 20 sheets of blank paper. Be sure to place your name and address on these enevelopes.

4. At any time you think about or learn about a veteran-related issue that requires your voice being heard by Congress write your thoughts on a sheet of paper, then copy this sheet to a another sheet.

5. Place one completed sheet into an envelope addressed the House, and place the duplicate copy into an envelope addressed to the Senate. Be sure that your name, address, phone number and email address appears on each letter. If you are former military, include your highest rank. If you are not former military include your title (Mr. or Ms.) and your relation to a living or deceased military family member.

6. At your earliest convenience, mail these two envelopes.

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