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WANTED: A new veteran's organization with a new mission...

Every week hundreds of veterans pass away to 'Post Everlasting'. The majority of these veterans are not buried in military uniform, nor wearing a set of their military medals or ribbons even though archeological discoveries for centuries from around the world have shown that the remains of military burials from the most ancient periods of human history are found with the metallic (medallion) portions of their military medals completely intact and preserved.

America thanks and appreciates the many dedicated and generous Honor Guardsmen and women who weekly give of their time to perform Honor Services at the burials of our veterans. However, to this date there has never existed a veterans organization that seeks to collect donated Class 'A' uniforms to provide funeral homes or cemeteries, on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that our veterans are not only buried with full military Honors but also dressed in full military uniform.

Any veteran with time on their hands, a computer to solicit donated uniforms, and a telephone to keep them in contact with local mortuaries and cemeteries should become their local, community Class 'A' uniform provider, free of charge, for military burials without regard to race, ethnicity, religious background or Service Branch. Families and communities will greatly appreciate your service to those who served.

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