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Who Should Inherit a Parent's Military Awards?

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Hello, I am trying to find out about who gets the Purple Heart and other awards that my Dad earned as he and my Mom have both passed? And who gets my Dads flag? Brothers an sisters are fighting over this and I am going out of my mind.


There is no federal policy on inheritance. And if neither parent left a Medal Will (see below), inheritance should proceed as follows in cases of multiple siblings (or a surviving birth mother of the siblings):

1. The sibling with the highest income or largest monetary assets regardless of sex or birth order should receive the original medals, but should -- at the earliest date -- purchase replacements for his or her siblings (only).

2. If the siblings will not agree to the above and the medal recipient left no Medal Will, historical record shows that the following persons should rank in precedence according to statistical evidence showing which immediate family members are the most responsible in preserving family history down to future generations:

  • Highest: The surviving wife or the sibling's birth mother
  • Second: A daughter
  • Next: The middle or youngest son
  • Next: The eldest son
  • Next: The current wife if she is not the sibling's birth mother
  • Next: A sibling of the parent who was the medal recipient
  • Next: A niece or nephew of the medal recipient


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