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Lists of Military Award Recipients

(This Information Site is Continually Updated.)

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    As you know, the only Military Award Name List budgeted by Congress requiring all four Military Branches to jointly maintain is the Medal of Honor. But listings of all Grand Military Medals is useful both for recognizing and verifying the names of Medal Recipients. In advance preparation for Veterans Day researchers the following Medal Name Lists are being updated daily by The War Library for free, 24/7 public access.

      Air Force Cross
      Bronze Star Medal
      Combat Infantryman's Badge
      Combat Medical Badge
      Distinguished Flying Cross
      Distinguished Service Cross
      Distinguished Service Medal
      Legion Of Merit
      Mariners Medal
      Medal Of Honor
      Meritorious Service Medal
      Prisoner Of War Medal
      Purple Heart Medal
      Silver Star Medal
      Soldier's Medal
      Victoria Cross

    Other Lists will be created upon Request and their Order of Precedence (See the Precedence link below)

    Additional information on each Name listed in the above rosters is available in the Recipient's personal database file listing.

    Access to the above Lists is here: Upon accessing The War Library's MAIN MENU click on: "MEDAL LISTS/ROSTERS"

    ISSUE REGULATIONS for all Medals, Ribbons and Badges is here:


      NOTE: Eligible personnel should ensure all of your Service Period Awards and Acknowledgments are listed on your current 201A Military Award Report:

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