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List of Combat Medical Badge Recipients

(This Information Site is Continually Updated.)

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    The Combat Medical Badge Medal was established to recognize the important role and service of medical personnel assigned or attached to infantry units and who daily shared with the infantry, the hazards and hardships of combat while at the same time providing essential medical assistance to wounded and injured personnel. (See the CMB Issue Regulations):

    The War Library is continually compiling a list of confirmed Combat Medical Badge recipients as well as Navy and Marine Corpsmen for whom no designated Badge has been approved by Congress. The growing list of officially authorized CMB recipients is publicly accessible on The War Library. Library access information is here:

    Upon accessing The Library's MAIN MENU click on: "MEDAL LISTS/ROSTERS"

    NOTE: Eligible personnel should ensure this Award is listed on your current 201A Military Award Report: (or...

    Other medal, badge and certificate Issue Regulations are here:

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