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Things To Do
Before Memorial Day...
(This Information Site is Continually Updated.)

Every Memorial Day marks the passing of over a million military veterans. Surviving families must collect military information for burial as well as preservation of family history records. The following is a Memorial Day season list of things all veterans should do to make sure their children, grandchildren and future generations have quick access to your and your parent's military heritage.

1. Collect copies all of your military documents and place them in a fireproof container.

2. Make several copies of your documents and distribute them to younger families members for additional safekeeping.

3. Maintain a written record of all of your military training and awards (such as your DD-214, DD-215(s) and your 201A Military Authorizations Report (

4. Sign a Military Medal Will for the distribution of your military hardware (

5. Keep current your military information and place a military photo in your personal listing in the Worldwide Military Personnel Database (

6. Ensure that all of your family members, both living and deceased) are listed in the Worldwide Military Personnel Database and that a living contact person's information is available.

7. If you or a family member is a Grand Medal (top five military awards in all Service Branches) recipient, make sure the names are listed in the medal roster of recipients that is also accessible on the Worldwide Military Personnel Database.

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