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Violence Against Veterans Act(ion)

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Everything that ages gains value. This applies also to pre-owned military items, which is why too many aging veterans are being assaulted and burglarized by criminals who steal military medals, equipment and documents for sale to pawn shops, collectors and museums that are increasingly seeking these items that gain in value each year as they age and become more rare.

Due to increasing theft of military items, and physical harm being inflicted on vets who try to defend themselves and their property, new legislation and education is needed to discourage these crimes.


The Attorney General of the United States needs to author legislation that declares all U.S. military items found anywhere on the globe to be the property of the U.S. government, and prohibited for sale by the finder or anyone who later comes into possession of the item. This legislation will require any item(s) found to be sent to the Secretary of Defense or turned over to any US embassy, military recruiting office, VA facility or federal law enforcement agency. This legislation will apply from everything small, such as dogtags, to any large items weighing many tons.


The Department of Defense needs, through its public information offices, to issue notice that any pre-owned U.S. military item found should neither be pawned or sold. Although items may be donated to established entities such as veterans organizations, museums and libraries for display purposes or freely passed down to other family members at no charge, they should not be donated to charity groups that re-sell donated items or used for any other purpose of financial gain. Veterans or their family members who wish to sell their medals or other military items should be required to sell only to licensed military hardware/hardwear vendors at the average wholesale price, under conditions of registration for the purpose of monitoring possible criminal sales.


By prohibiting the sale or trade of pre-owned military items, the desirability of criminals and unethical sellers to deprive these items from an owner will greatly reduce their theft and any harm inflicted upon the owner.

Your Support for this Initiative will help to eliminate violence against veterans and their family members


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