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The American War Library's official position on UFO's

Over the past quarter-Century the War Library has interviewed no fewer than two-hundred fifty military veterans and civilians working on military projects. These interviews and discussions provided highly credible details and/or data on the subject of unidentified aerial phenomenon. Based on the discussions and review of data, the War Library makes the following conclusions:

1. (Some) Unidentified aerial phenomenon are real

2. Unidentified aerial phenomenon are piloted by air-breathing living beings

3. The humanoid beings piloting unidentified aerial phenomenon do not originate on another planet. These humanoids originated on Earth and evolved to their current state of being long before present day humans (who erroneously consider ourselves to be the only (intelligent) life form to have evolved over the 4 billion year history of planet Earth and to have achieved comprehension and manipulation of technology.) The Library estimates that the race of Earthlings being mis-identified as extraterrestrials from another world most probably achieved manipulation of gravity at a minimum of 780,000 years ago on Earth, but did occur at some point in Earth history when the planet's magnetic poles regularly reversed in coincidence with this pre-human race's level of technological achievements.

4. There is no threat from unidentified aerial phenomenon or their crews, nor the well-hidden society wherein they conceal their origin of observed flights.


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