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Carry Your DD-214 At All Times

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Why you should carry a wallet-sized copy of your DD-214

Any number of reasons apply...

  • Discount opportunities at stores, movie theaters, etc;
  • Confirmation of service when applying for employment;
  • Interactions with law enforcement;
  • Verifying former military service to acqauintances or while attending civic meetings;
  • Applying for uniform membership in a state-level military Reserve unit
  • In the event of an accident in which VA medical benefits may be of assistance in your care;
  • and more.

How to obtain a wallet-sized DD-214

If you own an image reducing photocopier or scanner you can make your own wallet-sized DD-214. If not, you can take a clean copy of your DD-214 to any Kinkos, Office Depot or other office supply/copy station to have your DD-214 reduced and laminated, usually very quickly.

Special thanks to Corporal Philip G. LeDonne, New York, for suggesting this website.

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