The targets of today's terrorist attack were our economy, our religions, our democratic spirit, and our freedoms. It is therefore important that we communicate to those responsible for this attack that they have failed. By continuing our work with stronger resolve we tell the world that America will never be outgunned or shot down. There must be no disruption in our daily lives. Everyone pulling their load will keep our nation on track.

    America is at its greatest when great challenges confront us. America is victorious when all Americans join together to confront our challenges.

    It is very important that we resist the urge to speculate wildly or assign either blame or neglect irresponsibly.

    All veterans and military personnel are advised to make contact with their families to assure them that we are all working on our highest level, and that our lives and livelihoods have not been disrupted by this attack. At this moment when there is an absence of continuous visual images of President Bush functioning throughout this crises, you, the veteran, are 'the president' to those civilians who never experienced military training or preparedness. They will be confident if you display confidence. You must assure them that we are a strong nation with a strong military. Assure everyone you talk to that although we have just received a black eye our body is intact and our will is strong.

    Hang tough, Phill Coleman,
    Senior Librarian, The American War Library

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