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Phill Coleman

Basic Training, November 1968, Ft. Ord

Dressed for perimeter duty, circa 1969/70, Bien Hoa

June 13, 1970. Just prior to embarking for Cambodia to provide communication support for the "incursion", we learned an angry U.S. Senate had ordered a reduction in troop level. (Stars and Stripes blowup, below)

"Basketball Jones", For colliding into one of General Tri's ceremonial columns with a deuce-and-a-half, Coleman was temporarily whisked to Xuan Loc for "safekeeping". (Tri was informed the G.I. responsible was "sent to the DMZ for point duty.") On his return to Bien Hoa Coleman was given a letter of reprimand and ordered to play basketball in an empty warehouse four hours/day for two weeks.

1970, Xuan Loc, MACV-SOG Advisory Team 97. Learning the necessity for quiet, non-frontal assault

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