SURVEY: Should Those Who Served Be Exempt From Income Tax

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Should Those Who Served Be Exempt From Income Tax?

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TOPIC: Currently, while serving overseas in a designated combat or threat region defending American citizens, active-duty military personnel pay is not deducted for federal income tax.

QUESTION 1/4: To encourage enlistment and reward Americans for serving in any military branch, should all US military personnel be exempt from the income tax for the duration of their military service regardless where they serve in uniform?


QUESTION 2/4: Should all American veterans who served in any Branch of the US military, and achieved an Honorable Discharge, be permanently exempt from the annual income tax?


QUESTION 3/4: Should Anerican citizens serving in non-military jobs in the US federal government receive this same exemption even though they receive a civilian wage and are never required to serve in harm's way?


QUESTION 4/4: Should federal civilian employees be exempt from paying income tax for the work period they are asked to serve overseas in a country designated as a combat zone?


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