SURVEY: Should 18 year-old females be required to register for the Draft

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Should 18 year-old females be required to register for the Draft?

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TOPIC: The first legislation signed by CINC Obama in 2009 benefitted females only. For the past six years President Obama has repeatedly called for full equality for females, with the exception of requiring 18 year-old females to register with the Selective Service System as are all American males of that age. To date, not a single female member of Congress has called for female registration.

QUESTION 1/2: Should all 18 year-old females be required, like males, to register for the Draft?


QUESTION 2/2: Some Americans believe President Obama is not calling for female registration because his eldest daughter is approaching age 18. Do you agree that this might be a reason why President Obama does not support Draft registration for females?


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