SURVEY: Should the VA Enable Sleep Stasis to Prevent Suicide

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Should the VA Enable Sleep Stasis to Prevent Suicide?

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TOPIC: Both the Veterans Administration and American families are losing the battle to reduce, if not end, veteran suicide. Statis (induced long-term sleep) is being suggested as a way to prevent suicides with the hope that an extended rest for six months to a year may provide the potential suicide with time away from a world he or she finds unable to cope with, to hopefully see the world differently at a later time... unlike death which no one awakes from with a different perspective.

QUESTION 1/4: Should the VA create voluntary Induced Sleep Centers (ISC's) to care for veterans determined to commit suicide?


QUESTION 2/4: Should Congress budget a massive public awareness campaign letting veterans know that there is way to avoid suicide by taking time away from the world?


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