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Is Our Openly Gay Military The Real Reason... ?

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TOPIC: Some senior military offices are privately reporting (See the 6th Edition of DEA Watch published 14 June) that the true reason why President Obama is not sending a larger and combat force to deal with ISIS in Iraq is because Muslims in Iraq will strongly object to openly homosexual and transgender US military personnel operating inside their country. This Survey invites your opinion.

QUESTION 1/4: Do you agree or disagree that homosexual and transgender US military personnel might negatively affect the outcome of a US military mission in Iraq.


QUESTION 2/4: Do you agree or disagree that an American fighting force can succeed with homosexuals and transgenders serving openly in foreign countries?


QUESTION 3/4: Do you feel America would have succeeded in Germany and Japan during WW2 if at that time homosexuals and transgenders were allowed then to serve openly?


QUESTION 4/4: Should DADT ('Don't Ask/Don't Tell') be reinstated in our military by the next President?


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