SURVEY: Should The VA Conduct Genetic Testing for Diseases

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Should The VA Conduct Genetic Testing for Diseases?

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TOPIC: The VA has for decades denied compensation or treatment for many ailments, mostly related to cancer, by stating that no evidence points to the ailment originating during military service... despite tens of thousands of VA patients providing oral history information indicating they were the first in their family to contract an ailment the VA denies military responsibility for. The VA has even contracted other groups, such as the Million Veteran Program, to study various ailments but no group has yet helped veterans obtain even a shred of new information as to a possible source of their cancer or other ailment. However, technology does exist that can clearly define whether a veteran's cancer or other ailment may be rooted in family genetics (DNA) or some other factor, such as environmental. The VA has not employed this technology, but continues to assert that no ailment that surfaced during military service can be claimed to be of military origin after military service... even though it is confirmed that many cancers and other ailments take decades to reveal themselves.

QUESTION 1/4: Should the VA immediately conduct existing DNA testing to determine if a veteran's cancer or other ailment is rooted in family DNA or external environmental causation?


QUESTION 2/4: Should the VA cross-examine pools of veterans who served in the same unit or region to determine if they share any similar medical conditions that might indicate a shared ailment or cancer?


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