SURVEY: Should Army Pay Include A Skill Level Bonus

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Should Army Pay Include A Skill Level Bonus?

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TOPIC: Although the US Army claims to accomplish its 80% to 100% re-enlistment goals, the actual number of Army enlisted personnel re-uping is far less than numerically 10%. Truly achieving an 80% to 100% numerical re-enlistment rate would greatly improve Army functionality and go a long way to restoring the Army's (decisive) war-winning capability which the Army has not met since the end of WW2.

Currently, Army pay-grade is based on rank. However, enlisted soldiers are also assigned Skill Levels (SL) for which they are not compensated. If enlisted pay included increases based on skill level, soldiers would be inclined to seriously master their professions to gain the highest possible skill level in order to receive higher pay. Soldiers receiving higher pay would be more inclined to re-enlist... particularly if SL's were also prioritized for gaining higher promotion when vacancies in rank occur.

Cost of establishing SL pay will be greatly offset by reduction in recruiting expenses as fewer recruits will be required.

QUESTION 1/4: Should the Army establish Skill Level pay?


QUESTION 2/4: Should Skill Levels be based on actual Skill in all aspects of MOS knowledge/execution within one's current Rank, rather than on Rank alone?


QUESTION 3/4: If you were awarded a higher Skill Level providing you higher pay and promotion prioritization would you have re-enlisted?


QUESTION 4/4: If Skill Level pay were established should the Army return to its original three-level enlisted Ranking system of Private, Sergeant and Master Sergeant based on skill and ability to lead others, and do away with the current stairstep, nine-level graded rank system based more on pay than skill in which higher rank does not in any way mean higher ability to lead others?


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