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Vietnam War Films

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       84 Charlie Mopic
       Abandoned Field, The - Free Fire Zone
       Above The Law
       Air America
       Alamo Bay
       Alice's Restaurant
       American Commandos
       American Eagle
       Anderson Platoon
       Apocalypse Now
       Ashes And Embers
       Ballad Of Andy Crocker, The
       Band Of The Hand
       Bat 21
       Big Lebowski, The
       Big Wednesday
       Black Six, The
       Black Sunday
       Blind Fury
       Blue Thunder
       Boat People
       Born On The Fourth Of July
       Boys In Company C
       Braddock: Missing In Action Iii
       Bright Shining Lie, A
       Brothers And Relations
       Brothers In Arms
       Bullet In The Head
       Casualties Of War
       Cease Fire
       Children Of An Lac
       China Beach
       China Gate
       Coming Home
       Cutter's Way
       Dead Boyz Can't Fly
       Dead Of Night
       Dead Presidents
       Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam
       Deer Hunter
       Dernier Combat, Le
       Destroyers, The
       Die Xue Jie Tou
       Distant Thunder
       Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder
       Expendables, The
       Exterminator Ii
       Eye Of The Eagle
       Fairy Tales For 17-Year-olds
       Flesh And Fire
       Flight Of The Intruder
       Foot Shooting Party, The
       Forrest Gump
       Frankie's House
       Friendly Fire
       Frogs Of War
       Full Metal Jacket
       Gardens Of Stone
       Girl Who Came Between Them, The
       Go Tell The Spartans
       Good Guys Wear Black
       Good Morning Vietnam
       Gordon's War
       Green Berets, The
       Hail, Hero!
       Hamburger Hill
       Hanoi Hilton
       Healing, A
       Hearts And Minds
       Heaven & Earth
       Hi, Mom
       High Velocity
       History And Memory
       In Country
       In Dangerous Company
       In The Year Of The Pig
       Intimate Strangers
       Intrusion Cambodia
       Iron Eagle
       Iron Triangle
       Jacob's Ladder
       Kent State
       Killing Fields, The
       Last Flight Out
       Legend Of Lady Blue
       Letter To Jane
       Loner, The
       Meet The Feebles
       Ministry Of Vengeance
       Missing In Action
       Missing In Action 2: The Beginning
       Moon Over Scorpio
       Mui Du Du Xanh
       My Entire Life
       My Husband Is Missing
       My Old Man's Place
       Nam Angels
       Nam: Tour Of Duty
       Night Andy Came Home
       Night Walk
       Night Wars
       Ninth Configuration, The
       Odd Angry Shot
       Odeur De La Papaye Verte, L'
       Off Limits
       Operation Dumbo Drop
       Operation Warzone
       Ordinary Heroes
       Outside In
       Park12 Is Mine
       Platoon Leader
       Promise Of Love, The
       Purple Hearts
       Quiet Little Town
       Rage, The
       Rambo: First Blood Part Ii
       Red, White And Busted
       Redwood Curtain
       Reliable: A True Story
       Riders Of The Storm
       Rolling Thunder
       Ruckus In Madoc Country
       Rumor Of War
       Running On Empty
       Saigon: Year Of The Cat
       Scent Of Green Papaya, The
       Scent Of The Green Papaya, The
       Siege Of Firebase Gloria, The
       Sky Terror
       Snake Eater
       Soldier's Sweetheart, A
       Stryker's War
       Sympathy For The Devil
       T'ou Pen Hu Hai
       Taxi Driver
       Tenth Month Comes
       Terry Whitmore, For Example
       Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except
       Three Seasons
       To Heal A Nation
       To The Shores Of Hell
       Tou Bun No Hoi
       Trial Of Billy Jack
       Twilight's Last Gleaming
       Uncommon Valor
       Vestige Of Honor
       Veteran, The
       Victim Of Innocence
       Vietnam War Story: The Last Days
       Visitors, The
       Walking Dead, The
       War At Home, The
       War, The
       Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol
       Which Way Is East
       White Nights
       Who'll Stop The Rain?
       Wolf Lake
       Woman Inside

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