SURVEY: Should the VA fee marijuana prescriptions to pay for suicide intervention

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Should The VA Charge A Fee For Marijuana Prescriptions To Pay For Suicide Intervention?

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TOPIC: A growing number of VA patients are demanding that the VA authorize them to use marijuana despite the fact that science has to-date confirmed that although marijuana does provide some patients relief from symptomatic discomfort, marijuana has never cured a single human illness. At the same time, the VA's suicide intervention capability is woefully weak and needs extensive overhaul. One suggestion to combine both issues is to allow the VA to charge a fee to marijuana-seeking patients for VA doctors to write a marijuana prescription, with the fee being wholly applied to a new program that funds a real-time suicide intervention staff in accessibly local districts to prevent suicides in urgent or emergency cases. Veterans that demand and are provided a marijuana prescription from a VA doctor must sign a binding waiver absolving the VA of any liability resulting from marijuana use, and the VA pharmacy will not fulfill marijuana prescriptions.

QUESTION 1/1: Should the VA charge a fee for marijuana prescriptions and put the fee into a fund to manpower suicide intervention for veterans, under the limitations stated in the above Topic?


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