Survey: Should Congress Enact a Tax Deduction for Veterans?

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 Should the U.S. Congress Enact a Voluntary $1.00
Tax Allotment for Its Chartered Veterans Organizations?

TOPIC: The American veteran population is rapidly attriting. Our war veteran population is shrinking faster than the overall death rate. At this pace certain American veterans organizations will predictably expire within a decade due to lack of post-servicepersonnel whose military or war service defines an organizations membership. To preserve America's ancestral organizations, should the United States Congress enact a temporary law that permits American citizens to allocate $1.00 (one dollar) on their annual tax form to a General Fund to be divided among the Congressionallly chartered veterans organizations?

Should Congress enact a voluntary $1.00 contribution on frederal income tax forms FY 1999, and to continue as long as Congress deems necessary, to preserve America's ancestral veterans organizations?

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If you served, or are serving, which branch?

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Did you EVER serve in a combat zone DURING hostilities?

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